“American Idol” Fans Can’t Stop Talking About How Luke Bryan Dragged Katy Perry During an Audition

As American Idol continues to showcase incredible talent in 2024, viewers love to see how the judges interact with the contestants and with each other. Well, it looks like Luke Bryan is back to his usual antics, and he’s bringing Katy Perry with him for the ride.

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Luke Bryan Hilariously Dragged Katy Perry on “AI”American Idol/YouTube

During the February 18 episode of the ABC series, Bryan, Perry and Lionel Richie met Jack Blocker, a musician hailing from Richardson, Texas. The folk singer-songwriter decided to try a different tactic in order to impress the judges, auditioning with an original track he wrote. When Luke heard the name of the song, he couldn’t help but use it to jokingly call out Katy.

“I’m going to sing an original. It’s called ‘I Was Wrong,'” Blocker told the trio of judges.

“Katy has never uttered those words,” Bryan quipped, as Perry looked on.

A few days after the episode aired on TV, American Idol‘s social team decided to share the clip on Instagram. “First time for everything? 🙀” the show captioned the viral post. Folks ran to the comments to share their opinions about the hilarious interaction between Bryan and Perry.

“Love it. Never wrong!!!! Almost correct all the time,” one person wrote. “The look she gave Luke 😂 the look like Luke ain’t wrong 😂,” another cracked up. “Love you funny Luke Bryan 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” a different viewer added.

So, did Bryan’s jab at Perry work at throwing her off her game? Given how he’s been known to play jokes over the years, it seemingly didn’t phase her at all. She still managed to deliver helpful feedback to Blocker, and while he initially didn’t make it through to Hollywood, Bryan begged to bring Blcoker back. After an unprecedented vote from the show’s crew, it seems we’ll be seeing Blcoker during Hollywood Week after all.

“They were definitely wrong when they didn’t put him through! So glad they changed their minds he is an artist!!!” one fan commented on Instagram in reference to the outcome.

Fans of Blocker’s performance will just have to tune in to the next round of competition to find out what’s next!

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