Cardi B Calls Offset To Come And CҺop Һer (Video)

American rapper and wife of Offset Cardi B calls her husband to come and cҺop her while pregnant with her second child in new video

The “Wap” hitmaker recently announced she is pregnant with her second child for the Migos rapper Offset during the BET Awards.

According to Cardi B in this video, she is ready to receive the ‘sweet stick’ and she wants it at that particular moment lol.

Horny' Cardi B Calls Offset To Come And Chop Her While Naket On The Bed, Netizens React (Video) — Thedistin

Meanwhile, the rapper is well known for living a crazy life and she is a very hilarious person so you simply can’t take things she says serious all the time.

She might even be joking with this lol, however, she is ‘dhope’.

Check out some reactions from social media users after seeing the video

Below is the video:



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