DL Hughley & Katt Williams PAIR UP To Expose Steve Harvey For SACRIFICING Bernie Mac

In a shocking turn of events, comedians Cat Williams and DL Hughley are shedding light on alleged behind-the-scenes drama involving the late Bernie Mack and fellow comedian Steve Harvey.

The duo claims that Steve Harvey, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, may have resorted to jealousy and shady tactics to undermine Bernie Mack’s career.

According to recent interviews, Cat Williams and DL Hughley are bringing forth long-standing rumors about Steve Harvey’s alleged attempts to derail Bernie Mack’s success.

The rumors suggest that Steve may have even gone as far as trying to eliminate Bernie from the competition.

The controversy stems from a 2003 interview with Bernie Mack in GQ magazine, where he accused Steve Harvey of being jealous and attempting to snatch away movie roles, including one in “Ocean’s 11.” Bernie revealed that someone from Steve’s camp had lobbied on Steve’s behalf to secure the role, ultimately leaving Bernie in the shadows.

Cat Williams, during a candid interview with Shannon Sharp, accused Steve of attempting to sabotage Bernie’s career and lying about his own life before fame. Williams alleged that Steve, despite his denials, harbored jealousy towards Bernie, attempting to steal his movie roles but failing due to his lack of acting skills.

Moreover, Williams claimed that Steve lied about being homeless, challenging the narrative Steve often shares about his rise to fame. Williams also threw shade on Steve’s portrayal of being a model husband, citing allegations of Steve leaving his first wife in difficult circumstances and allegedly cheating on her with his current wife, Marjorie.

The accusations don’t stop there. Comedian Cory Hcom, who used to warm up the crowd for Bernie, criticized Steve for supposedly climbing the ranks by cozying up to influential figures in Hollywood, while allegedly throwing his friends under the bus.

DL Hughley confirmed during an interview on Vlad TV that Steve’s issues with Bernie were the reason behind the failure of “Kings of Comedy 2.” Hughley expressed disappointment but also understanding, stating that Bernie chose a different path, possibly due to the alleged feud.

As fans speculate on social media, some even question the circumstances surrounding Bernie Mack’s untimely demise, suggesting a connection to the rumored discord between him and Steve Harvey. While Steve has consistently denied any wrongdoing and maintained a public image of friendship with Bernie, these recent revelations are sparking a heated debate among fans.

As the comedy world grapples with these startling claims, only time will tell if further details emerge, shedding more light on the alleged animosity between Steve Harvey and Bernie Mack.

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