Fans Notice Disturbing Detail in Paris Hilton’s Adorable New Nap Time Video With Her Kids

It’s been a year since Paris Hilton began her journey as a celebrity mom, but she’s still learning new things about keeping her kids safe. After Paris shared a video on TikTok of her kids at nap time that was meant to be an adorable peek into their day, fans noticed something dangerous going on and couldn’t help but point it out in the comments. This could have ended really badly if Paris wasn’t lucky …

Paris Hilton

Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images, Paris Hilton/TikTok

It all started with a video Paris shared of her daughter.

Though Paris has yet to share London’s face publicly just yet, she has been showing parts of her life as a mom of two little ones. That included a post on her TikTok and Instagram Stories this week, where she showed both of her kids napping in the same room as she cooed over how cute they both are.

The footage was alarming to some of her followers.

Both of her children were tucked into their cribs with a fuzzy blanket — a white one for Phoenix and a pink one for London.

Although both of them looked warm and cozy (and so cute), guidelines for safe sleep as outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics state that loose blankets should always be kept out of a baby’s sleep space.

Multiple fans pointed out that the blankets shouldn’t be in the babies’ cribs.

Before the post on Paris’ TikTok Story disappeared, fans alerted her to the fact that the blankets were dangerous.

“Paris I love this so much! Be sure to check on safe sleep practices for your sweet little babies,” one person wrote.

Fortunately, Paris seems open to learning.

Although comments like this will make some moms immediately go on the defensive, Paris doesn’t seem to be taking that approach to her motherhood experience. Instead, she simply replied, “Thank you for letting me know,” adding a red heart emoji at the end of her response.

Hopefully that means Paris will make sure everything’s on the up and up in her kids’ sleep spaces.

This isn’t the first time Paris has received criticism about her parenting.

Fans recently aired their concerns after seeing the way that Paris and mom Kathy Hilton interacted with baby Phoenix on her reality show, Paris in Love. People called the way they held Phoenix “unsettling,” though the footage had been filmed not long after his birth.

It’s not easy being a first-time mom, but Paris seems to be getting the hang of it. Good for her for being open to advice along the way from moms who have been there.

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