Grorilla’s “Wannabe” Challenge Preview Goes Viral  – These Queens Have Released A Mission So Hot The Internet is Already Breaking

Move up, world, because GloRilla is about to drop a mixtape so fireplace, he’s going to need his fireplace extinguisher! That’s right, “EhhThang EhhThang” will warm up the scene this Friday, April 5. It brings warmth with a new collab between GloRilla and the simplest Megan Thee Stallion. But wait, there’s greater! These queens have released a mission so warm the internet is already breaking.



Get ready to witness the superb delivery of the “wannabe” challenge! It all started with a funny video premiere. In it, Glorilla and Megan proclaimed themselves an “undisputed tough AF” couple. Yes, you study that right. They are prepared to take twerking to a new degree and invite everyone to the birthday party.

Megan The Stallion threw down the gauntlet. She claimed the identity of “Best A** on Instagram” with a booty-shaking video. It had every person criticizing her. But the internet wouldn’t be a web without an excellent assignment, and that’s where matters were given wet. Celebrities like TV queen Natalie Nunn joined in. But, the real showstopper became Scottlin’s fitness impact. His circulate was so fiery. He may be a crownless winner. Though, a few say he could have had more excellent spice.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant inside the room. Even with Megan Thee Stallion using her aspect, Glorilla’s self-belief is known. She’s small, but the manner in which she twerked after Megan convinced everybody. They felt they had been seeing twin titans.

And talking of Titans, the net is already abuzz with approximately a capacity girl rap Avengers group-up. GloRilla’s got Megan Thee Stallion on her facet. Each Glo and Megan collaborated with Cardi B, and all three rappers worked with Latto. “Ladies Night” remake – in direction? Let’s desire so!

In case you ignored the information, the song’s reputable title is “Wannabe,,” and trust us, this one’s going to be a surefire hit. So, dig out your dancing shoes, exercise your fine twerk, and get ready to be humbled by using GloRilla and Megan. The “Wannabe” assignment is out, and it will rule social media!

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