KIM’S KISS Kim Kardashian kisses co-star Emma Roberts in chilling new American Horror Story: Delicate trailer.

AMERICAN Horror Story has released a new trailer for AHS: Delicate Part Two, which shows two of its stars sharing an intimate moment.

The FX horror series previously released five episodes of its newest series last fall, starring Emma Roberts, 33, and Kim Kardashian, 43.

Kim Kardashian was seen kissing Emma Roberts in the new trailer for part two of American Horror Story: DelicateCredit: FX

Fans showed excitement over the new block of episodes after AHS: Delicate’s initial premiere in SeptemberCredit: FX

The show dropped a trailer for its second block of episodes, which featured The Kardashians star in her scripted breakout role as Siobhan Corbyn.

The explosive teaser showed a few twists with the show’s leads, including a moment of Kim and Emma’s characters sharing a kiss.

The two were seen sitting in an audience as Kim asked Emma, “What would you give up for it?”

“Anything,” Emma responded as Kim leaned in for a smooch.

The second part of AHS: Delicate will premiere on April 3.

“Sometimes you have to snap a few necks,” the end of the trailer teased about its upcoming episodes.

The clip was shared on YouTube, where fans have been showing excitement in the comment section.

“I am literally screaming, having chills,” one person wrote.

“Bout Damm time,” another added.

Kim Kardashian bleaches her eyebrows and dyes hair blue in new AHS trailer as fans gasp at ‘astonishing transformation’INSIDE LOOK

On Friday, the FX network shared a behind-the-scenes look at Kim’s “astonishing transformation” for the new episodes on Instagram.

The promo showed makeup artists getting the Hulu star into her character.

“I’m so excited to see this vision come to life. To turn into this character,” the Skims founder said in the clip.

A pale-skinned Kim was seen with bleached eyebrows, blue-tinted platinum hair, and thick eyelashes as she used red lipstick to write the title of the show on a mirror.

“I always like when I can be something so different from myself,” she added as she waved her fingers that were fitted with prosthetics.


Last year, viewers mocked Kim over her role in Season 12 of AHS when she was announced as being cast alongside Emma and model Cara Delevingne.

“AHS standards are low….Not as they were in the beginning with real iconic actors. Too bad…not bothered to watch it looks redundant,” one person wrote in the comment section of an early clip.

But when Kim made her series debut during the show’s premiere many viewers were forced to retract their negativity.

In the first episode, she appeared in several scenes alongside Emma.

As the episode aired, fans and critics alike took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their thoughts.

“Kim serving natural actress I fear,” one fan wrote.

“KIM IS DOING GOOD yall are eating yall words idc idc idc,” a second tweeted.

Kim initially received mixed reactions after she was cast as one of the leads in the newest season of AHSCredit: Getty

The reality star proved some viewers wrong as they took to social media during Delicate’s premiere to commend the actress

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