Latto Claps Back At Haters Calling Out Her “Dirty Feet” In Twerking Video

Mulatto responds to trolls calling her out for having dirty feet in her twerking video.

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Mulatto dirty feet twerking

Mulatto’s twerk video to Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby hit record “Cry Baby” caught the attention of Thee Hot Girl herself, but it also has got the haters talking, calling out the rapper’s “dirty feet” in the video.

According to a number of internet trolls, Mulatto shouldn’t have posted a video of herself having fun and dancing during her birthday week in Puerto Rico because her feet were too dirty. The chatter got too loud for Latto to keep her cool, responding with a clap back on Twitter.

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“Y’all talm bout my feet dirty b*tch I’m drunk running around a mansion in Puerto Rico for my birthday,” wrote Latto in response to all the trollery, hitting us with a subtle flex. “& im holding onto the table cause nothing about that video was planned the song was just playing & I was dancing.. matter fact it was originally on my close friends. Y’all so fake perfect on this app it’s so annoying.”

She entertained even more of the hate, responding to people directly. When someone accused her of not cleaning her crib, the rapper said, “I actually don’t I have maids.”

If the video was good enough for Megan Thee Stallion, it should be good enough for some random nobody commenting on the internet. Don’t pay the haters no mind, Big Latto. Keep doing your thing.

In case you missed it, we recently published our latest interview with Mulatto, which you can read here.

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