Michael Jackson spotted ALIVE? King of Pop ‘spotted at nephew’s wedding IN DISGUISE’

LATE pop superstar Michael Jackson has been spotted alive in 2017 at a family wedding wearing a disguise to remain incognito, his fans have sensationally claimed.

Jacko mega fans are convinced the King of Pop has been caught on film among guests at the wedding of his nephew, Siggy Jackson – despite his death in 2009.

Siggy, the son of Jackie Jackson – Michael’s brother and Jackson Five member – tied the knot with Toyia Parker at a family ceremony in Encino, California, at the end of September.

Among the star-studded guests were celebrity siblings Prince and Paris Jackson, whose dad was tragically found dead at the age of 48.

But there was one guest that piqued the interest of eagle-eyed MJ fans – a bulky man wearing shades metres away from Prince, 20, and Paris, 19.


Michael Jackson in pictures

In footage of the wedding reception, the unknown man is seen standing inconspicuously among guests as Siggy and Toyia enjoy a dance and pose for pictures as man and wife.

For most people watching the video, the seemingly ordinary man blends into the crowd, wearing an unremarkable outfit of black shades, a white shirt, braces and grey trousers.

But according to fans of the Thriller icon, the man strikes an uncanny resemblance to a character Michael plays in 1996 short film Ghosts.

In the 39-minute film, directed by Stan Wilson, Michael donned disguises to play all five main characters in the movie, including one, an arrogant plump man known as The Mayor.

Artists applied Michael with foam rubber prosthetics, a wig and intricate make-up to transform him into the hefty 50-year-old white man.

DISGUISE: Michael Jackson as The Mayor in Ghosts (right) and the unknown man
 (Image: GETTY)

(Image: YOUTUBE)

In the clip of Siggy and Toyia’s wedding, probing fans believe Michael, who apparently faked his death, was wearing the same fancy dress disguise to attend the wedding with his family.

A video on YouTube titled “Michael Jackson seen alive 2017 at his nephew’s wedding” presents photos of Michael as The Mayor and the mystery man in an attempt to prove the outlandish theory.

The two-minute long video has clocked up more than 376,000 views to date.

It starts with an animated graphic featuring the message “Believe – death hoax videos” fading into view.

The video includes a montage of clips from the wedding showing Jackson family members before posing the question: “Did you see The Mayor.”

(Image: GETTY)

Michael Turegano, who has been independently investigated Jacko’s death for eight years, is convinced that the video is conclusive proof the Billie Jean singer is still alive and well.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Turegano, a graduate of Michael Jackson’s L.O.V.E University, said the similarities between the bulky man and Michael’s movie alias are too coincidental to ignore.

“This video is a recording of Michael’s nephew’s wedding,” he said.

“In 1996, Michael disguised a fat man with a mask and makeup for a film.

“In the video, it is very obvious that the chubby man is wearing a mask on his face. And it’s very similar to his old disguise.

“A lot of fans think he is MJ.”

(Image: GETTY)

Commenting on the video, other believers are also apparently swayed by the outrageous theory.

One wrote: “l m so happy for Michael because he is beside of his kids and his family… love you my king.”

A second posted: “This is MJ! Definitely!”

A third said: “This Michael Jackson alive stuff is getting out of hand I’m starting to believe it.”

(Image: YOUTUBE)

But others were more skeptical of the bizarre claims made in the video, with one pointing out he would he “would stay away from the cameras” if he were alive.

Another wrote: “Oh come on, anyone who saw Paris cry her heart out on stage at his funeral knows MJ has passed.”

Michael, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, died after suffering a heart attack as a result of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009.

His personal physician, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over his death, which was deemed to be a homicide, the Los Angeles County Coroner ruled.

Yet conspiracy theories were rife after Jackson’s death with many claiming it was faked to escape the pressure of fame.

Websites such as michaeljacksonsightings.com and michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com have been registered to help “explain” what happened.

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