North West, 10, mocks mom Kim Kardashian as preteen pouts and throws up a peace sign on Palm Springs trip.

Fans called Kim out after they noticed the skin on her neck looked wrinkled and accused her of a cosmetic procedure

The 10-year-old Kardashian star imitated Kim Kardashian’s iconic pout and posed for cameras for a TikTok video on their shared account.

North West mocked her mom in her latest social media postCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

Kim posed for several photos with NorthCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

In the post, the mother and daughter shared a photo of Kim posing.

Kim was shown in several shots from the post, including an unedited photo as she walked down a driveway by the huge house.

The Hulu star went makeup free and wore an oversized black jacket.

Her hair was left unstyled as she adopted a more natural look.

Kim closed her eyes and pouted as the photo was taken, throwing up a peace sign to the camera.

In a few other photos, North imitated her mom’s pose.

One photo showed North exaggerating her pout while sat in a golf cart with Kim.

She wore a blue football jersey and simple silver jewellery.

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Her locks were pulled back into braids.

North leaned into her mom’s shoulder as she sat next to her.

North West exposes Kim Kardashian’s real face and neck in unflattering pic on Palm Springs getaway_TikTok_kimandnorth

Other photos showed North in the same pose with her cousins, Reign Disick and Dream Kardashian.

North shared several other solo and group shots in Kim’s pose.

The mother and daughter duo put together a selection of pics from the Easter weekend, which the duo seemed to have spent with family at Kris Jenner’s Palm Springs mansion.

Kim was shown in several shots from the post, but fans focused in on the photo of her in a black jacket.

Some fans noticed Kim’s neck, which they pointed out to be wrinkled previously.

In October last year, the star shocked fans with a glimpse of her real neck in an ad for her skincare brand, SKKN.

She released a video, where she raised her face to wash her face and exposed her bare neck in the process.

Fans quickly noticed the unusually wrinkled area, and speculated that she’d damaged her skin tissue due to a procedure to remove the fat cells in her neck.

“Oof. That’s some Kybella damage. It’s loose skin from too much fat removal. She’s gonna have a turkey wobble as she ages. And what’s worse, she did it to herself!” one fan noted.

“Nose job scars and sagging neck. Guess who’s going to the plastic surgeon this week for a re-up,” said another social media user.


While fans noticed Kim’s neck “sagging,” the businesswoman made it clear she’s taken bold measures to prevent aging in the area.

Kim once said she’d sworn off Botox use, however, she later hinted that she’d gone back to fillers, and used them beyond just her face.

Nose job scars and sagging neck. Guess who’s going to the plastic surgeon this week for a re-up

Social Media UserReddit

During Season 3 of The Kardashians, Kim joined her sisters Kourtney, 44, and Khloe, 39, for a singing lesson at their mom Kris’ house.

A vocal coach joined the family, and instructed, “I’m just talking on pitch. I’m not using my neck muscles. We have 425 muscles in the neck.”

“Half of mine are probably Botoxed,” Kim joked back.

The Kardashian family spent Easter together at Kris Jenner’s mansionCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth


Fans accused Kim of undergoing surgery on her neckCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

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