SHAPE SHIFT ‘Kim Kardashian looks ridiculous – it’s unnatural’ fans body-shame star as expert explains why she looks ‘strange’.

Dr Fadi also gives his thoughts on the other procedures and beauty treatments he suspects Kim has had

Fans were worried that the reality star’s organs had been “displaced”, as the busy mum-of-four shared jaw-dropping photos on Instagram, showing off a behind-the-scenes look in the silky white corset.

Kim Kardashian has been savagely body-shamed, after fans were left open-mouthed by her ‘strange shape’Credit: Instagram

As a result, Fabulous spoke to plastic surgeon Dr Fadi Hamadani to get his thoughtsCredit: instagram/Kim Kardashian

Dr Fadi also shared the other surgeries he suspects Kim has had – including breast and butt augmentationCredit: instagram/Kim Kardashian

He also believes Kim may have had rhinoplasty, as well as Botox and fillerCredit: instagram/Kim Kardashian

It comes after fans were left stunned at Kim’s “lopsided cheek” that “looks like it’s sliding off”.

On her Instagram stories, promoting the final episodes of American Horror Story: Delicate, fans were left baffled by her “wonky” face.

Whilst some described her cheeks as “too much”, others accused her of going overboard with filler.

It comes after the confirmation that Kim has split from NFL star Odell Beckham Jr after a whirlwind six-month romance.

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The pair began dating in September and were recently seen at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party looking very close.

Mail Online reported that the former couple have gone their separate ways, with an insider telling the publication: “They’re not seeing each other anymore right now.”

Kim, 43, and Odell, 31, have not been seen together since March 11, when they attended the Vanity Fair bash at The Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills.

Following the break-up, Kim has posed a series of 𝑠e𝑥y snaps on her Instagram, including a picture of her wearing a pair of tights and a fur coat, leaving very little to the imagination.

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But it was a snap of the Skims founder in a high-end hotel, that has caused commotion online.

The TV personality flaunted her thinnest figure yet in the corset, which cinched dramatically at her waist and accentuated her cleavage.

The 43-year-old showed off her signature tan, light make-up, and had her dark hair tied back into a bun, for her 364 million followers.

A second shot showed a closer look, which really highlighted the Kardashian star’s shrinking figure and extremely small waistline.

But fans were left shocked by the post, with many expressing concern over Kim’s slim physique.

Kim Kardashian displays her ‘lopsided cheek’ that ‘looks like it’s sliding off,’ fans say in AHS backstage video

One user slammed the star and penned: “That’s how you look when you take two or more ribs out. Not a great image for young girls.”

A second agreed: “Girl looks like she’s missing a couple of ribs.”

Kim Kardashian may have undergone a relatively new and extreme procedure whereby two-three of her lower ribs are removed in order to shrink her waist further

Dr Fadi Hamadani

As well as this, a third wrote: “What a strange shape.”

Whilst someone else penned “She needs help if she thinks this looks right.”

Another user fumed: “This is not cool. This is sick.”


As a result of the savage body-shaming, we spoke to Dr Fadi Hamadani, a Plastic Surgeon and aesthetic specialist, to get his thoughts on what has happened to Kim’s waist.

Dr Fadi told Fabulous: “Kim Kardashian may have undergone a relatively new and extreme procedure whereby two-three of her lower ribs are removed in order to shrink her waist further. Another version of this is shaving the ribs down.

“This procedure is commonly referred to as ‘rib removal surgery’ or ‘rib reduction surgery.’

“This procedure is sometimes performed to achieve a more contoured or narrow waistline.

“One of the main dangers of this surgery is the risk of damage to surrounding organs. As the ribs serve as protection for vital organs such as the lungs and heart and altering the structure of the ribcage can increase the risk of injury to these organs.

“While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, another potential long-term risk associated with this procedure is bone loss.

“As individuals age, the removal of ribs may impact posture, potentially leading to pain and an increased risk of fractures. Full recovery from this surgery can take several months.”


Not only this, but Dr Fadi also gave his thoughts on the other procedures and beauty treatments that he suspects Kim has had.

He added: “Kim has been open about her use of Botox as part of her beauty regimen. In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she revealed that Botox injections have been her go-to cosmetic procedure.

“By opting for Botox, Kim aims to maintain her youthful appearance and smooth out any wrinkles or lines on the skin’s surface, ensuring a flawless complexion.

“She has openly acknowledged undergoing Morpheus8 treatments and has even expressed that it’s her favourite treatment.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is known for its ability to tighten loose skin and enhance skin quality.

This non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines micro needling with radio-frequency energy.

The procedure stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture.

“By opting for Morpheus8, Kim can maintain a firm and contoured appearance, helping her achieve her desired aesthetic goals.”


As well as this, Dr Fadi claimed that Kim may have also had a boob job, as well as surgery to enhance her buttocks.

The surgeon explained: “She may also have had breast augmentation surgery. This procedure would enhance the size and shape of her breasts, contributing to her signature silhouette and overall aesthetic.

“Speculation surrounds whether Kim Kardashian has undergone butt augmentation surgery to achieve her famous curves.

These procedures likely contribute to her flawless complexion and sculpted appearance, allowing her to maintain her iconic look

Dr Fadi Hamadani

“While she has not confirmed this, the possibility remains given her prominent figure and public image.

“Butt augmentation surgery could have been pursued to enhance the size and shape of her buttocks, complementing her desired physique.”

Finally, Dr Fadi also stressed that Kim may have had fillers, as well as a nose job too.

He concluded: “She may have also had a potential rhinoplasty, or nose job.

“While she has not explicitly addressed this speculation, the refined appearance of her nose suggests the possibility of cosmetic intervention aimed at altering its shape and structure.

“Finally, Kim Kardashian might have experimented with lip and cheek fillers, further enhancing her facial features and achieving a desired aesthetic.

“These procedures likely contribute to her flawless complexion and sculpted appearance, allowing her to maintain her iconic look with confidence.”

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