What might Wembanyama look for in a house? A look at Spurs real estate history might give a clue (H)

NBA Tony Parker’s $19.5 million Anaqua Springs mansion has its own water park. 
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So where will the new guy live? And what might he look for in a home?

With Victor Wembanyama now in the fold, the 7-foot-4-inch French phenom will need to hang his hat when he arrives.

The big man’s $12.16 million base salary in his first year — part of the four-year, $55.17 million contract — in effect will allow him to live anyplace he wants in San Antonio.

What might Wembanyama look for in a house?

With nothing off-limits, what might the Spurs’ heavily hyped star look for in a place to call home?

Here are five things that Bob Goldsborough — who has covered a whole lot of NBA real estate deals in his career — expects from Wemby’s housing search.

Discretion is key

Such a big-name player will require a tight-lipped real estate agent — someone comfortable with representing high-profile athletes and, in particular, Spurs.

Katie Tottenham of Kuper Sotheby’s represented Coach Gregg Popovich in his January Southtown penthouse purchase. Tottenham also represented Spurs forward Doug McDermott in his 2022 purchase of a four-bedroom, Mediterranean-style house in Terrell Hills.

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Another possibility is David Garcia Jr. of Evoke Realty, who has represented Keldon Johnson and former Spurs Lonnie Walker IV.

Still another is Binkan Cinaroglu of Kuper Sotheby’s, who had the listing for Tony Parker’s Boerne estate until it was taken off the market.

Location, Location, Location

Most current Spurs who own homes in the area are in the north and northwest — understandable. The team’s current training facility at 1 Spurs Lane is on the northwest side, and its new training facility is in the Rock at La Cantera.

In the area are Spurs guard Lonnie Walker IV in the Sonoma Verde neighborhood and Zach Collins in the Cresta Bella neighborhood. Former Spurs guard Dejounte Murray also sold a house nearby not long ago.

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Wemby might be drawn to Terrell Hills, where Doug McDermott lives currently and where Spurs Vice President of basketball operations Brent Barry has owned a home.

What might Wembanyama look for in a house?

He may also choose to rent or opt for a condominium unit. One possibility is the 9,288-square-foot full-floor penthouse on the 15th level of the Four Thousand One building in Mahncke Park, which is available for $6.97 million.

What about Tony Parker’s estate? Wembanyama’s fellow Frenchman began trying to sell his 53-acre estate in the gated Anaqua Springs Ranch community in Boerne, in 2021 for $19.5 million but took it off the market early this year. The estate features a six-bedroom mansion and large waterpark.

He’ll want high ceilings

For the tallest active NBA player, high ceilings in any home will be a must.

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And in the kitchen, high countertops would be desirable as well — retired NBA superstar Michael Jordan famously has high kitchen cabinets and countertops in his longtime suburban Chicago mansion, and he is close to a foot shorter than Wembanyama.

A basketball court is a must

Absolutely. While not every high-priced San Antonio-area dwelling has a basketball court — indoor or outdoor — we found several that could fit the bill.

A vintage 10,490-square-foot mansion on 2 acres in Monte Vista also boasts a large swimming pool — and a $5.5 million price tag.

Wembanyama makes a trek to Blue Star Art Complex - Pounding The Rock

Personal injury attorney Pat Maloney Jr. is selling his 10,490-square-foot century-old mansion near Landa Library in Monte Vista. It’s listed for $5.5 million.

A 5,377-square-foot house in the Stone Oak area is available for $1.4 million.

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A seven-bedroom home, also in the Stone Oak area, comes with an asking price of $2.49 million.

Finally, a 4,692-square-foot house in the Champions Ridge’s neighborhood is listed for $1.15 million.

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