Britney Spears’ boyfriend ‘cheated on mother of five with popstar and has not paid child support’

Britney Spears’s felon boyfriend Paul Soliz is a deadbeat dad of NINE who ‘cheated’ on mother of five of his kids with the pop star, his ex claims

Britney Spears’ felon ‘ex-boyfriend’ is a ‘deadbeat dad’ failing to pay child support for any of his nine children, the mother of five of them alleged in an exclusive interview with

Paul Soliz Jr., 37, was photographed with disheveled, underwear-clad Britney at ritzy Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night, surrounded by security and paramedics after she had an alleged screaming fit.

Soliz was first linked to the Hit Me Baby singer as a cleaner and handyman on her staff, but reportedly later became her lover. can now reveal Soliz is already the father of at least nine children – and is being chased for child support by their mother as well as the Los Angeles Department for Child Support Services (DCSS).

Nicole Mancilla, 36, told that Soliz cheated on her with Britney, has not paid bills for his five kids with her or his other children with other women, but still tries to visit her at her mother’s home in Sylmar, California.

Paul Soliz Jr., 37, was photographed with disheveled, underwear-clad Britney Spears at ritzy Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night

Paul Soliz

The mother of his five children, Nicole Mancilla (pictured), slammed Soliz as a 'deadbeat dad' in an interview with after the hotel incident

‘Just let them know that my husband fell in Britney Spears’ p****. He was married, and now he denies his children,’ Mancilla said. ‘He neglects his children for her.’ was unable to locate court records confirming Soliz and Mancilla were married.

‘He’s the EBT Nick Cannon,’ Mancilla added, referring to Electronic Benefits Transfer food stamps and the TV host who has 12 children with multiple women.

Mancilla said that Soliz is living with Spears, but keeps his official residence at a bungalow a few blocks away from her home.

‘He’s on probation, so if he officially lives at her house, they have access to searching her house. So that’s why he still has an address here,’ she claimed.

Mancilla and her five children live with her mother, 60-year-old surgical assistant Sandra Smith, in her three-bed Sylmar townhouse.

‘He has ten kids. He doesn’t support any of them,’ Smith told ‘They have a one-year-old together and he doesn’t even pay attention to that one either.’

‘He’s a deadbeat dad,’ she added. ‘It’s difficult for me, because he doesn’t support not one kid. And they’re at my house.

‘Nicole’s torn up by everything. This has been going on for five years. And he doesn’t leave her alone, he keeps coming back.

‘I wouldn’t let him see the kids if it was me. She does, because she wants them to have a dad. But I wouldn’t want a dad like that.’

Mancilla, who lives in a

Mancilla's mother, 60-year-old surgical assistant Sandra Smith (pictured) told Soliz is the father of at least nine children, none of whom he supports financially, she claims

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Mancilla’s mother, 60-year-old surgical assistant Sandra Smith (pictured) told Soliz is the father of at least nine children, none of whom he supports financially, she claims

Court records obtained by show a civil case against Soliz brought by DCSS on March 22, with a demand for Soliz to pay $1,167 monthly child support plus 50% of healthcare costs for Trystan Alexzander Soliz, 9; Dylan Andrew Soliz, 8, and baby Violet Pearl Soliz, 21 months.

The complaint says that the children have been receiving public benefits since January 2020.

It lists Soliz’s income as $2,774 per month, and Mancilla’s as zero.

In September 2021 an LA judge determined Soliz was the father of Trystan and Dylan, as well as Cesar Martinez-Mancilla, 17, and Nicholas Soliz, 6.

Baby Violet’s parentage has not been officially determined by the courts.

LA County also filed a complaint against Soliz in 2019 for $615 monthly child support he allegedly owed to Alexandra Gonzalez for their twins, Anevy and Avery Soliz, 5.

A judgment in January 2022 confirmed he was the father, but said his child support obligation was ‘zero’.

Spears sparked mental health crisis concerns after being pictured barefoot and topless outside the Chateau Marmont in the early hours of Thursday, May 2, following an alleged fight with Soliz.

The singer, 42, had abrasions on her knees and looked disheveled as she stepped out flanked by her security and her and felon ‘boyfriend’.

It has been claimed that Britney and Paul got into a row before a woman matching Britney’s description was ‘harassing and threatening hotel employees and guests.’

Shortly after the Thursday morning incident, Britney shockingly shared a video of herself dancing in a sparkly costume and heeled boots at her Thousand Oaks home

While Britney insisted in February that she was single, she has been linked to Paul in recent months following her split from husband Sam Asghari.

Soliz and Britney have known each other since he was hired to complete housekeeping tasks and maintenance around her house about a year ago, according to US weekly.

Speaking to the publication he revealed he fixed bits and bobs around the house including fixing doorknobs and unclogging toilets.

Insiders told Page Six that Paul was fired from his job working for Britney, but she had ‘still chosen to spend time with’ him ‘and is not trying to hide their new-found friendship.’

In August Britney was seen driving a white Mercedes-Benz with a mystery man who is thought to be Paul in her passenger seat in Calabasas, California.

That same month, her husband Sam is said to have filed for divorce, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’, which led to Britney enjoying a dalliance with her former housekeeper.

Britney Spears will not have to pay spousal support to her third husband Sam Asghari under the terms of their divorce settlement, it has been confirmed

An insider told in September that the pair weren’t officially dating, clarifying: ‘They had a short fling after Sam left but that was it.

‘Britney hooked up with him twice and, at the time, [she] did not know about his criminal past. She no longer has any communication with him.’

Soliz was convicted in connection with disturbing the peace in April 2014. His plea deal led to a child endangerment charge against him being dismissed.

He was convicted of driving without a license in 2016,  Us Weekly reported, citing court documents. A charge of driving with a suspended license was dismissed that year after a plea agreement, according to Page Six.

In December 2020 Soliz was convicted for felony firearm possession, during the time he was working for Spears.

Then,  in September 2023 he was seen at the San Fernando Superior Court after allegedly violating his probation.

Despite his past, Paul insisted that he isn’t a ‘bad dude’ in an interview with Backgrid last September.

He confessed he has a ‘handful of children’ and that one of the mothers has passed away.

‘I have custody of my children, I’m not a bad dude. I own my own business. I do licensed contractor technique tile,’ he said.

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