Britney Spears Wants Another Baby At Age 42

Britney Spears Quits Social Media Again After Reports Claim She Wants Another Baby At Age 42

Now that her sons are living across the country and refuse to see her, Britney apparently wants to expand her family again.

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Britney Spears appears to be taking a break from social media again, as the pop star has deleted her Instagram account as rumors swirl that she’s looking to have another baby in her 40s.

Earlier this week, Britney uploaded a risqué photo of herself in a white bikini while on vacation, but she deleted the photos and subsequently her whole account shortly after.

Britney Has Left Social Media Because Of Public Pressure Before

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She’s deleted her accounts before, citing pressure from the public, but so far Britney hasn’t explained what caused her to get off IG so suddenly. But it may have to do with the speculation surrounding her personal life, as a report released earlier this month says Britney is looking into having another baby.

“Britney is convinced that what she needs right now is to have a baby,” a source claimed to Life and Style. “All she wants is to find a hot-blooded hunk with good genes who can serve as her sperm donor.”

Britney Spears is a worldwide superstar and one of the top 10 selling female artists ever, but how does she rank on streaming platforms?

“Britney has a tendency to attract the wrong guys,” they went on, noting that there’s concern among those close to Britney that she could easily be taken advantage of. “Any of these guys she’s ‘auditioning’ could turn out to be another user out to get her money. She’s not thinking this through.”

Britney’s Former Employee Could Help Her Have A Baby

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Britney Spears reportedly has a $60 million net worth, which stands to grow if she writes the second memoir she’s teased, given the first one gave her a million-dollar paycheck. But Britney is still embroiled in an ongoing divorce with Sam Asghari, who left her in August 2023. Though there’s a prenup in place, rumors suggest Sam is trying to secure a bigger payout for himself, though he’s denied the claims.

The claims about Britney seeking a sperm donor have a lot of people talking, and not only because the former Disney star is already 42 years old. It’s also because there was no mention of her reported boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, who used to be employed by Spears.

After Soliz’s criminal history was exposed to the public last year, reports suggested he’d broken up with Britney. But a more recent update in February said the couple are still going strong, but prefer to keep out of the spotlight for their privacy.

“Britney and Paul are definitely together,” an insider said at the time. “He’s still in the picture.”

“She doesn’t like it when he leaves,” the source continued, confirming Soliz has children from a previous relationship. “[Britney] feels as though she deserves more attention, but he has to be there for his kids.”

Spears and Soliz haven’t been photographed publicly in recent months. The pop star also reportedly hasn’t seen the teenage sons she shares with her ex-husband Kevin Federline in over a year, as the boys relocated to Hawaii with their dad for their step-mother’s new job, a request that Spears didn’t challenge in court.

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