Cardi B admits to having s.u.i.c.i.d.a.l thoughts

Cardi B admits to having suicidal thoughts after heated exchange with trolls online

Cardi B was involved in a heated exchange on X on Wednesday that led to the rapper admitting that critics’ harsh comments give her suicidal thoughts

Cardi B admits having suicidal thoughts after heated Internet exchange

Cardi B hints at suicide following an argument with trolls online (Image: Getty Images)

Cardi B has never been afraid to fire back against trolls online, but her last Internet spat seemed to have pushed the singer beyond her breaking point.
This week the famous rapper engaged in a heated exchange with critics on X, formerly Twitter, after they insulted her work ethic leading the singer to admit to experiencing suicidal thoughts. The interaction began when one user told Cardi she was “the only Mexican I know that don’t work hard.” The singer didn’t take kindly to the comment and angrily responded: “Hope you and ur mom die.”

Another person then bashed Cardi for wishing death on another and told her that karma would “come back on you.” To which Cardi replied: “IDGAF F**k y’all … y’all can call me Mexican, bring me down and hurt my feelings talk s**t about everything that’s why I don’t release music.” And added: “I just want to put a bullet in my head.”

Cardi B fires back against critics on social media

Cardi's sister took to social media to defend her sibling

Cardi B fires back against critics on social media bashing her for her work ethic. Her sister Hennessy defended her sibling following the hate (Image: Getty Images)

After the emotionally-charged exchange, Cardi later deleted her responses but her replies went viral. After the posts, the 31-year-old singer’s sister took to social media defending her sibling. Hennessy wrote in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talks Instagram writing: “Anybody that dont like my sister can suck [a d***].”

Cardi B – legally known as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus – remarked that her ethnicity is not Mexican during the exchange and has previously identified herself as Afro-Latina. The Bronx-native’s father Carlos is Dominican and her mother Clara is a Trinidadian of African and Spanish descent.

Fans have continuously called out Cardi for not releasing any new music as she has not dropped a full album since her 2018 “Invasion of Privacy.” In an Instagram Live last year the singer opened up on her anxiety creating new music and why she has taken a five-year hiatus. “I do have anxiety. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety ’cause I know right after I drop my album I have to go on tour. And I have bad separation anxiety from my kids,” she continued: “When it comes to the music, I just be feeling like I don’t be liking anything. I feel like I got so many songs, I just don’t like nothing. Like nothing is good enough. I got so much f***ing money saved up, I be like, ‘Yeah, whatever the f**k.'”

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