Is J.Lo Diddy’s s*x worker? What is the truth?

When Jennifer Lopez Spent 14 Hours In Jail Handcuffed To A Bench After Getting Arrested With Her Then-Beau Diddy

It was in 1999 when Diddy and JLo meet on the sets of their music video.

Jennifer Lopez Once Landed In JailWith The Beau Diddy

Jennifer Lopez & Diddy Back In 1999 Made Several Headlines (Photo Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Jennifer Lopez has had a very dramatic journey in Hollywood. The iconic diva who has been the highest-earning Latino star ever has always been in the news for some or the other reason. Of course, her rekindling romance with Ben Affleck is a reason enough, and everything that happened with Alex Rodriguez too. But did you know, the singer once dated Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean Combs, and they were even arrested together?

Why Did Jennifer Lopez, Diddy Break Up? Was He Abusive?

Jennifer Lopez and her high profile relationships have forever been the most tempting fodder for the tabloids. And the star has never shied away from being on the cover stories for her relationships. Amid all the others who made a maximum buzz, including Affleck, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony, there was Diddy in the late 90s. The two even went to jail together. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

It was in 1999 when Diddy and JLo meet on the sets of their music video. Soon enough their relationship was at its peak, and they never really hid it from the public eye. Once in the same year, the two were in a nightclub in New York. While having a ball, Diddy bumped into someone and spilt their drink. In no time it turned into an argument and soon enough shots were fired leaving 3 injured. Puff Daddy took Jennifer Lopez and fled, just to be busted by police with a gun in his car.

As per Daily Mail, prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos told a Manhattan Supreme Court jury, “The man taunted Combs about his wealth and after some arguing, somebody threw cash at Combs as an insult. As total bedlam reportedly broke out, with people lunging for the fallen cash, rap protege Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow then drew a semi-automatic handgun and opened fire at the man, but instead shot and wounded three bystanders.”

Diddy Once Said His Relationship With Jennifer Lopez Couldn't Work Because  He Was 'Still in Love With Kim [Porter]'

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy were arrested and taken into custody. It is said that JLo spent 14 hours in the jail handcuffed to a bench. A police office had then said, “She was crying all over the place … She was just upset about the whole thing.” She was then given a clean chit due to lack of evidence. But Diddy had to fight a case.

Years later Jennifer Lopez decided to soeak about it to Rolling Stone. “It was an unfortunate situation,” she explained. “We were somewhere we shouldn’t have been. It was a bad situation.”

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