Kylie Jenner ‘looks identical’ to Bianca Censori

Kylie Jenner ‘looks identical’ to Bianca Censori, fans say in vacation pics after star ‘copies everything about her’

KYLIE Jenner has been accused of copying her new family member in recent photos.

The Hulu star shared a series of photos from vacation on Instagram on Sunday, but fans claimed to barely recognize her.

Kylie Jenner's fans thought she was copying Bianca Censori's trademark look in new photos

Kylie Jenner’s fans thought she was copying Bianca Censori’s trademark look in new photosCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kanye West's wife has become known for her skintight clothes, slicked-back hair and plump lips

Kanye West’s wife has become known for her skintight clothes, slicked-back hair and plump lipsCredit: instagram/Ye

In the post, Kylie, 26, posed on the beach after sunset, with the sea behind her.

In place of her usual wavy locks, the reality television star had her hair slicked back into a tight bun.

Kylie opted for glowy makeup with a very plump, glossy lip, and showed off her figure in a skintight metallic gown.

“Twilight,” she captioned the photos.

On Reddit, fans quickly admitted that they didn’t think the photos looked like Kylie, and compared her new look to Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori, 29.

“She looks more Bianca than Bianca herself does lol,” one fan joked.

“She looks more like Bianca than Kylie that’s for sure,” said another in response.

“Kylie obviously wishes she looks like Bianca,” a third social media user added.

“She looks identical to Bianca she’s copied everything about her!” said a fourth.

“I thought this was Bianca for a second,” a final commenter divulged.


Kylie isn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner to be accused of copying their newest family member.

Kylie Jenner stuns in Chanel bikini in new beach photos – but fans think she’s signaling ‘split’ with Timothee Chalamet
Kim Kardashian, 43, has frequently been slammed for emulating her ex-husband’s new wife.

In the most recent case, fans claimed Kim was taking inspiration from Bianca in yet more photos from the beach.

Kim posed in the sand in the pics, with her hair scraped back to show off her facial features as she pouted in a bikini and skirt.

However, some of her followers thought that she was stealing Bianca’s look, even accusing her of editing her face to look more like the Yeezy architect.

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“Kim claims she looks like this… it’s photoshop, reminded me of Bianca,” one fan blasted on a forum dedicated to the Kardashians.

“She’s trying so hard to look like Bianca. Since when has she done a slicked back bun & natural makeup face?!” asked another.


Kanye and Bianca got married in January 2023, and the nuptials have beckoned in a new style era for Bianca.

Since the marriage, Bianca has shocked fans with her wild dress sense, but it hasn’t always proven itself popular.

Just last week, Bianca was slammed after she wore a very revealing look while out with Kanye and three of the four children he shares with Kim.

For the outing, Bianca wore a skintight silver catsuit and seemed to ditch her underwear beneath the form-fitting garment.

“It feels so f**ked that these kids are exposed the way they are,” one fan raged.

Despite being accused of copying Bianca, Kim has reportedly taken a stand against her NSFW fashion and insisted that Bianca cover up around the kids.

Fans claimed Kylie 'wishes she looks like Bianca' after they spotted her uncanny new look

Fans claimed Kylie ‘wishes she looks like Bianca’ after they spotted her uncanny new lookCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

Bianca Censori wears just a $60 spandex catsuit as she ditches typically  pricey looks on Easter with Kanye West and kids | The US Sun
Bianca married Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West last year and has shocked fans with her wild style sinceCredit: Instagram

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