Michael Jackson’s kids’ lives now

Michael Jackson’s kids’ lives now – addiction battle, £2m home and charity work

Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, have all grown up and are now living their lives away from the intense spotlight, but there’s plenty of interest in them still

From battling addiction to doing charity work in LA, Michael Jackson’s kids have been busy since his death.

In 2009, the world was shocked by the singer’s sudden death. MJ had a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles, California.

It was later found out that the 50-year-old’s death was caused by a deadly mix of drugs given to him by his personal doctor. The King of Pop left behind not just his music legacy, but also three young children.

From the moment they were born, Prince, Paris and Blanket were always in the limelight, often seen with their faces covered to hide their identity. But now, all grown up, the singer’s children have made lives for themselves.

The three of them recently put on a united front at the premiere of MJ: The Musical in London. It marked their first joint public appearance in a whipping 10 years.

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson largely lives away from the spotlight (Image: princejackson/Instagram)

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, also known as Prince, is the eldest of Michael Jackson’s children. Born in 1997, Prince’s mum is Jackson’s first wife, Debbie Rowe, but he was brought up by his dad.

Prince hasn’t followed his dad’s musical path, but he has somewhat been in the public eye. Now 27, he’s made several TV appearances, including as a guest correspondent on Entertainment Tonight and had a cameo role in teen drama 90210.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died in 2009 (Image: Redferns)
Prince loves motorcycles and has shared many videos of him riding them on YouTube, where he has more than 29,000 subscribers. And it seems his YouTube career turned into a profession too, as he switched from in front of the camera to behind-the-scenes, starting his production company, King’s Son.

He finished his business studies at Loyola Marymount University in 2019. It was there that he met his girlfriend Molly Schirmang, with the duo living a private life nowadays.

In addition, Prince set-up the Heal Los Angeles foundation, aimed at making a difference to young lives in LA.

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is a singer, model and actress (Image: parisjackson/instagram)
The only daughter of Michael, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, was also mothered by Debbie. Born in 1998, Paris and his brother Prince were fully looked after by Michael after his divorce from Debbie in 1999.

As a teenager, Paris faced tough times struggling with sadness, grief, and drug misuse. Sadly, she even tried to end her own life at a tender age of just 15.

Following this, she spent almost two years at a behaviour change school. She later told her Instagram fans that this experience resulted in her being “diagnosed with PTSD because of it and continue to have nightmares and trust issues”.

Prince, Paris and Bigi Jackson

Prince, Paris and Bigi recently reunited for their first joint appearance in 10 years (Image: Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty I)
However, Paris, 26, did not let her struggles define her. Instead, she fought hard against addiction and carried on her father’s legacy through music.

Adding more feathers to her hat, she has successfully commoned careers as an actress and model. She featured in TV programmes Star and Scream, landed a role in the film Gringo and is connected with IMG Models.

In 2020, she also signed an agreement with Republic Records and launched her debut single, Let Down.

On Instagram, she boasts a massive following of 3.9 million people, where she often uploads snapshots of her performances.

Recently she was seen performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and featured on the front of Spin Magazine.

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Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson's son Blanket now

Michael Jackson’s son Blanket now goes by the name Bigi (Image: ITV)
The youngest out of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael Jackson II, was born in February 2003 to a surrogate mother, who has never been revealed. He quickly picked up the nickname Blanket as he was always seen covered in a blanket to hide who he was, but now he goes by Bigi after choosing not to use his old nickname.

After nine months, his dad made news by holding him over a hotel balcony railing in Berlin. The singer confessed later that he had made a “terrible mistake”.

Michael’s youngest kid was only seven when he passed away and has mainly stayed out of the spotlight since. But he has made a few television appearances to chat about his dad’s legacy, such as on Good Morning Britain from their home in California, where his brother hosted a Halloween bash to raise funds for the Heal Los Angeles Foundation.

Michael Jackson's three children

Michael Jackson had three children before his death in 2009 (Image: Getty)
During their chat, he expressed: “There’s a lot of history in this house and the studio here. That’s what he was all about. That’s what each of us want to do and make things that people can enjoy and hopefully benefit their lives.”

Bigi, 21, hasn’t tried to follow his dad’s career path after revealing on Jacksonology in 2012 that he “can’t sing or dance”.

Despite that, it’s said that he received top marks in school and in 2020 spent £2million on a luxurious six-bedroom home of his own.

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