NSYNC reveals reason for feud with the Backstreet Boys

NSYNC reveals reason for feud with the Backstreet Boys

Finally we have answers

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*NSYNC has finally revealed the reason for the feud between them and the Backstreet Boys.

In an interview with Billboard, *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick described the boy band rivalry as boiling down to a love interest.

“I wanted to punch A.J. [McLean’s] lights out for a little while. I was dating a girl, I broke up with her and he started dating her,” Kirkpatrick said.

“And I guess he was talking smack to her about me, so I confronted him on it and wanted to kick his a**,” he added.

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC's rivalry boils down to a woman | Page Six

But Kirkpatrick ended up letting his grudge against McLean go, but he doesn’t recall why.

“I don’t know how it got resolved — I saw him out one night and said I wanted to kill him, but I said, ‘Let’s get a beer,'” he shared.

It was that gesture that seemed to repair the bad blood between the two boy banders.

He added, “I think boy band fights are in the same realm as hockey fights. You fight when you’re on TV, but then when you’re not, you get a beer together. Now we’re really good friends.”

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While the public saw the battle between *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys as a feud, they saw it as “friendly competition.”

“We can’t control how people are gonna take it,” explained *NSYNC’s JC Chasez. “All we can do is control how we give it.”

He added that they just focused on “making our shows good, making sure we sound good and making sure the records were good.”

Glad that’s resolved now.


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