Taylor Swift Is Interfering With Calvin Harris’ Marriage Years After Their Messy Break-Up

Taylor Swift Is Interfering With Calvin Harris’ Marriage Years After Their Messy Break-Up

Calvin Harris’ wife admitted she does something in secret with Taylor Swift’s music.

It’s been years since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shocked fans with their surprise break-up after a year of PDA-filled dating, but the two have clearly moved on. While Taylor is in a very public relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce (after breaking up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, at the start of 2023), while Calvin Harris is now a married man.

Nevertheless, there’s one very specific way Taylor seems to infiltrate Calvin’s marriage, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Apparently, the DJ’s wife is a Swiftie but listens to Taylor’s music in secret, given her husband’s history with the pop star.

Calvin Harris’ Wife Listens To Taylor Swift’s Music In Secret

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During the episode of the “Going Home With Vick, Katie, and Jamie” radio show on Monday, April 8, Calvin’s wife Hope Vick, 34, confessed, “Soon as my husband goes away, I listen to Taylor Swift. That’s just when I get … just a little fill. Just a couple of songs, get it out of my system. Then it’s done.”

Hope’s revelation emerges following her reported marriage to Harris, 39, in northeast England after over a year of dating. The pair knew each other for over two decades before their relationship turned romantic – even knowing each other when Calvin and Taylor were a thing.

Taylor Swift’s smile might have been helped out with veneers, but there’s another reason fans are concerned about her teeth.

Their union marks a significant milestone, especially considering Hope’s long-time acquaintance with Harris, which has spanned almost two decades. Interestingly, Hope reminisced about rejecting his advances in 2007 when he first approached her.

Calvin and Taylor dated from early 2015 to mid-2016, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. Their relationship began shortly after they were introduced by Ellie Goulding in February 2015. The high-profile couple’s romance blossomed, garnering significant media attention.

Taylor Swift Is Friends With A Lot Of Her Ex’s Spouses

Taylor Swift performs during the Reputation Tour at Hard Rock Stadium

However, their breakup in June 2016 sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. While the exact reason for their split remains undisclosed, rumors of conflicting schedules and intense media scrutiny surfaced.

Despite their breakup, the duo collaborated professionally on the hit song “This Is What You Came For,” which Harris produced and Swift co-wrote under the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg, leaving fans to put the puzzle pieces before figuring out Swift was behind the Calvin and Rihanna collab.

Calvin’s wife isn’t’ the first partner of one of Taylor’s Swifts exes to admit to being a fan of her music. Taylor Lautner’s wife, who’s also called Taylor Lautner, has long been a fan of Swift’s . The couple even attended one of Taylor’s Eras tour stops, delighting fans with their full-circle social media posts.

Taylor is also close to Sophie Turner, who’s currently navigating a divorce from Joe Jonas, who briefly dated Swift for a few months. Taylor reportedly lent Sophie her New York condo after the couple separated, and the women were photographed together on multiple occasions, proving their friendship status.

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