AMERICAN Idol judge Katy Perry has been slammed this season for how she handles contestants in the singing competition.

Idol fans recently shaded Katy, 39, for seemingly not judging equally, as she’s claimed to be tougher on women contestants while narrowing down this season’s top 24.

Katy Perry has caught backlash for how she handled tonight's contestant Hailey Mia

Katy Perry has caught backlash for how she handled tonight’s contestant Hailey MiaCredit: American Idol

American Idol fans thought Katy was a being a bit harsh with Hailey

American Idol fans thought Katy was a being a bit harsh with HaileyCredit: American Idol

During Sunday’s ABC episode, which was filmed at Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii, Season 22 competitor Hailey Mia did a beautiful cover of Tate McRae’s She’s All I Wanna Be.

Hailey rocked her performance, effortlessly working the crowd as the on-camera Idol audience watched her sing her heart out on the Aulani beachfront stage.

When she was done performing, the crowd erupted with applause.

Hailey kept a cheery attitude as she was being judged, even while the California Gurls singer was giving her some blunt critiques.



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“I love the moments that you draw people in…,” Katy started her feedback off with.

After she gave the compliment, the award-winning songstress shifted gears so she could deliver the real.

“Is this the original key that Tate does it in,” Katy asked with a disappointed tone, to which Hailey replied “yes.”

The singer then suggested she liked another key more than Hailey’s rendition while also admitting to being underwhelmed by the performance as a whole.


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Katy then admitted to Hailey that she thought the Idol contestant “could’ve given a little more sauce” while she was performing.

Hailey appeared tense from the judges’ comments but was overjoyed when she was given the news that she advanced to this seasons’ top 24.

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In addition to the critical comments for Hailey, the pop star mixed her praise with some stern remarks throughout the night for fellow female top 24 finalists Jayna Elise, Julia Gagnon, Abi Carter and more.


Many Idol fans peeped the underlying shade in Katy’s critique.

On social media, fans called the pop star out for her seeming harshness, especially toward the female singers.

“Katy Perry is a bit harsher this year and not as cartoonish…,” one X user revealed.

“Katy Perry is so critical of every female singer…. #AmericanIdol,” someone else asserted.

“Why does she always have more critique of the women than she does of the men?” another commented.

“I don’t feel like these women are deserving of Katy’s wrath,” a viewer quipped.


Katy receives the most flak compared to the other Idol judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Last week, Katy enraged Idol fans after she faked out contestant Odell Bunton Jr.

Katy told Hailey that she thought the contestant could've given her performance a 'little more sauce'

Katy told Hailey that she thought the contestant could’ve given her performance a ‘little more sauce’Credit: American Idol
She made it seem as if Odell was one of the contestants who were being sent home.

Within moments of Odell expressing his feelings, Katy teased that his time on Idol “was up” when that was far from the truth.

“You know, Odell, it’s a lot of pressure, having a platinum ticket. I don’t even know what the pressure is having 12 people under one roof,” Katy told him.

“[But] we have to make decisions that are hard. Even when life is hard. Unfortunately this as far we can take you.”

After letting him believe he was done on Idol for about a minute, the award-winning songstress told him that he was actually safe this week.

“It’s gonna be up to America from here on out because you’re in our Top 24,” Katy disclosed.

“Oh God,” was all Odell said before busting out into full-blown tears and burying his face in his hand to sob.


On X Idol fans sounded off about initially faking Odell out.

“Katy I hate you for that #Top24 #AmericanIdol,” one person wrote on the social media platform.

“OMG!! My heart dropped for a second when Katy did that!!! Damn you Katy Perry!! I’m sooooooo glad that Odell Bunton Jr. is in the Top 24!!! #AmericanIdol,” someone else raged.

“Katy!!!!! Why you make us cry like this #AmericanIdol,” a third person chastised.

“Katy had that man thinking he about to go back to that hotel tonight with 12 folks. #AmericanIdol,” they added.

“That was not nice Katy #AmericanIdol,” another slammed.

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