‘American Idol’ Judges Reveal The Most Difficult Thing About Every Season: “It Gets Really Emotional For Us”.

‘American Idol’ Judges Reveal The Most Difficult Thing About Every Season

While many contestants hope to win American Idol, there can only be one winner. There are plenty of tears and broken dreams along the way, and it can be emotional even for the judges. There’s one part of the show that the judges dread in particular, and it’s Hollywood week.

Typically on American Idol, Hollywood Week is a blood bath. Think the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones or another traumatic event. The judges have to narrow the competition down to only a select few that will move to the live rounds. Having to be such bearers of bad news can be taxing emotionally.

Speaking with ET, the American Idol judges explained how much they dread it. They’re forced to consider who has the most talent and who can go the distance in the competition.

“It gets really emotional for us,” Judge Lionel Richie admitted. “We get to Hollywood, we realize, ‘Oh my god, this one, this one, this one are out of their league…. But as it gets involved, we find ourselves now growing emotional, trying to figure out, how do we let them go?”

‘American Idol’ Judges Talk Competition

However, the judges also recognize the importance of their roles. They realize that American Idol can help boost people’s careers as well. Even if a competitor doesn’t win the show, they can broaden their fanbase and earn further exposure by appearing on the show. That’s something that they’re thankful for.

“We’ve got one kid from Ocala, Florida… He’s so new and young and just an aw shucks, good old boy,” Luke Bryan said. “Anytime I see a kid like that, it really makes me think of how I would have auditioned when I was 18 or 19.”

The judges also have platinum tickets that allow contestants to skip the first week of Hollywood. However, they haven’t really worked out in the past. “We did three platinum ticket holders,” Bryan shared. “I think, historically, our platinum ticket holders haven’t gone the distance, but I feel like this year we’ve got a real good shot for one of them to get very, very high.”

This year, the judges feel the competition is particularly stiff. That makes their jobs hard as they contend with who to push forward and who to send home.”I feel like last year, there were two on our minds the whole time, but this year I actually think there’s like 10,” Perry said.

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