BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift’s BFFs Blake Lively and Selena Gomez ‘Won’t Play Nice’ as Singer Tries to ‘Broker Peace’.

Taylor Swift's BFFs Blake Lively and Selena Gomez 'Won't Play Nice' as Singer  Tries to 'Broker Peace'

Taylor Swift is caught in the middle of a bitter feud between her two best friends, Blake Lively and Selena Gomez, and she may be forced to give one of them the boot, sources exclusively tell Life & Style.

Lively, 36, and Gomez, 31, refuse to be in the same room together and skip events to avoid running into each other which frustrates Swift, 34, to no end, add our sources.

“Taylor’s tried many times to broker peace between these two divas, but they won’t play nice,” says an insider. “She thinks it’s silly the way they carry on, especially since the two don’t even know where all this hating began!”

Swift has been best friends with singer-actress Gomez since 2008. She started hanging out with the Gossip Girl star in 2015. But now, the “Anti-Hero” singer apparently can’t get the two in the same room together.

“Taylor feels like she’s doing a juggling act in a circus to keep them both happy, but her patience is wearing thin,” says the insider.

According to Life & Style sources, Swift prefers Lively’s company when she’s ready to party and kick up her heels, while Gomez is more Swift’s confidante when it comes to talking about more serious things.

“Truth is, Selena’s insanely jealous of Taylor’s friendship with Blake,” says the insider. “Blake was on hand to help Taylor celebrate her birthday in December, and Selena was seething about it for weeks.”

While a pal pooh-poohs the chatter, the bickering is getting under Swift’s skin, the insider says, “Selena and Blake are extremely petty sometimes and it stresses out Taylor. Either they start getting along or one of them will have to go!”

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