Cardi B Admits To Putting Her Marriage To Offset Last On Her Priority List: ‘My Career Come First, Then My Kids Come Second’

Cardi B Admits To Putting Her Marriage To Offset Last On Her Priority List: ‘My Career Come First, Then My Kids Come Second’.

Rap superstar Cardi B recently reflected on how she contributes to issues in her relationship with husband Offset.

The “Miami” artist admitted that she often puts her children and music career ahead of making time for her relationship, which she suggested adds to the strain in their marriage.

Cardi B, Offset

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Cephus, spoke on the matter during a recent cover interview with Rolling Stone. The 31-year-old was asked what she cherishes about her marriage to Offset, real name Kiari Cephus, 32, and what’s been difficult. She answered:

“The part I love is that we really like each other, like a support system. We’re really both each other’s cheerleader. I don’t really like talking to people. I’m not as social. If I want something from somebody, he’ll be the one that will talk. Because I don’t like asking.”

Cardi B, Offset

Going on to speak about her own faults as they pertain to their challenges, Cardi B continued:

“Sometimes I cannot be … not that I cannot be a wife. It’s just like, my career takes my life. You know what I’m saying? My career comes first, then my kids come second. And then sometimes I don’t realize that I’m putting so many things before my relationship.” 

Cardi B, Offset

Cardi B also addressed the couple’s public break-up last year, which she insinuated stemmed from the pressure she’s facing to release her highly anticipated sophomore album. If you recall, the Grammy Award winner declared she was single back in December, after both she and Offset had been alluding to problems in their relationship on social media.

Getting candid about how their different mindsets caused their relationship to suffer, Cardi stated:

“I remember last year when we was going through our hard time. And it’s like, ‘Put your album out. You’re overstressing. When was the last time we went on a vacation?’ And it’s like, ‘I don’t got time to go on a vacation, because this comes first.’ This comes first and then my kids come second. The little things I have to take care of then comes. I sometimes feel like I do probably put my relationship last.”

Cardi B and Offset have been married for 6 years and share two children, daughter Kulture, 5, and son Wave, 2. Despite going through several hardships publicly, the couple has managed to keep divorce at bay and have a history of reconciling after a split. Earlier this year, however, the rapper claimed they are still not together.

While Cardi didn’t offer an update as to whether or not they have officially reconciled, she did mend her priority list later in the interview, adding:

“My kids come first. My kids come before anything.”

Cardi B, Offset, and their children Kulture and Wave

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