Cardi B and Offset announce the arrival of their third child, revealing the baby’s gender in the process

Cardi confirmed the news to Howard Stern on Wednesday.

Cardi B and Offset are having a baby girl, Cardi told Howard Stern Wednesday morning. During a lengthy interview with the radio icon, she said “it’s a girl,” and confirmed that Offset is still in charge of naming their first child together.

When prepping for the Met Gala, Cardi told the New York Times that “She do weigh three and a half pounds,” adding, “That’s pretty good for seven months, right? Because I was born five pounds.”

Cardi B revealed her pregnancy during her first performance on Saturday Night Live. Following her Coachella debut, she canceled the remainder of her shows during her pregnancy. She told Stern that she hopes to get back to work soon.

Cardi B originally announced that she was pregnant back in April when she revealed her baby bump during an SNL performance.

Her announcement came just one day after her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, dropped.

And she really embraced her pregnancy. Cardi came for her haters when people made comments about her career being over due to her pregnancy.

It’s a good thing the baby has arrived because Cardi’s been having a rough time with her pregnancy.

It seems she tried a bunch of different ways to get the bub to come out, but the little one was taking her time.

Congratulations, mom and dad!

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