Cardi B FURIOUS After Offset Got Her & His Mistress PREGNANT At The Same Time!

Cardi B and Offset’s Scandalous Saga: Double Trouble with Infidelity and Feuds.

Rumors are swirling once again around Cardi B and Offset, suggesting that Offset has not only been unfaithful but has also allegedly gotten his side chick pregnant at the same time Cardi is expecting their third child. This double dose of drama comes with whispers of secret abortions, hush money, and a furious ex-friend spilling all the tea.

Sources say that an Atlanta model, known as Pri, claimed Offset fathered her child and then allegedly forced her into an abortion. This explosive revelation was leaked by Pri’s former friend, who, despite signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), decided to go public.

This scandal broke just as Cardi B was poised to announce her third pregnancy, raising the stakes even higher. The timing of this revelation couldn’t have been worse for Cardi. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this latest slip-up by Offset will be the final straw for Cardi, leading her to kick him to the curb for good.

Cardi B FURIOUS After Offset Got Her & His Mistress PREGNANT At The Same Time! - YouTube

But the drama doesn’t stop with Offset. Cardi herself has been dragged into the mud with accusations of infidelity from fellow rapper BIA. In her diss track “SUI,” BIA not only threw shade at Cardi for allegedly cheating on Offset but also accused her of relying heavily on ghostwriters. This added another layer of complexity to an already messy situation, with the two rappers trading barbs on social media and through their music.

Cardi and Offset’s tumultuous relationship has been a rollercoaster ride since their secret wedding in 2017. From public breakups to heartfelt reconciliations, their relationship has been anything but stable. Just last December, Cardi declared herself single, only to spend New Year’s Eve with Offset. The couple has frequently cycled through periods of separation and reconciliation, with Cardi often accusing Offset of bullying and even violence.

Adding fuel to the fire, Pri’s former friend didn’t hold back, claiming Offset paid Pri a meager $15,000 for the abortion, which she derisively called chump change. The situation escalated further when Cayb B, another of Pri’s friends, allegedly confronted the whistleblower at a bar, suspecting her of leaking the information to Cardi. This confrontation reportedly ended in a physical altercation.

Cardi B LOSES IT On Offset After He Gets His Side Piece Pregnant - YouTube

The real question on everyone’s mind is how Cardi is handling all of this. Will she finally call it quits with Offset for good, or will she once again forgive him and try to move forward? Cardi has been unusually quiet about the latest scandal, leading to speculation that she might be planning a dramatic response. Meanwhile, her feud with BIA has added another layer to the drama. BIA didn’t just accuse Cardi of infidelity; she also took shots at her credibility as an artist, implying that Cardi relies heavily on ghostwriters like Partisan Fontaine. This ongoing feud has kept the gossip mill churning, with fans divided in their support.

Offset, known for his laid-back demeanor, has kept a low profile amidst the scandal, perhaps hoping it will blow over. However, with Pri’s friend continuing to share more details and Cardi’s fans clamoring for answers, it seems unlikely that this scandal will fade into the background anytime soon. Cardi’s recent verse on the “WAP” remix seems to directly address BIA, suggesting that their beef isn’t going away anytime soon.

Adding another layer to this tangled web is the legal battle Cardi B has been fighting against blogger Tasha K. Cardi won a $4 million defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, but the blogger has continued to provoke and insult Cardi, even sarcastically apologizing while blaming her for Migos’ breakup. Despite Cardi’s legal victory, the feud shows no signs of abating, with Tasha K’s persistence possibly leading to further legal consequences.

Cardi B Reveals She's Pregnant With Baby No. 2 at 2021 BET Awards

So, will Cardi finally leave Offset now, or will she return to him yet again? The mixed signals from their public appearances and social media interactions leave fans guessing. Offset’s laid-back public demeanor contrasts sharply with Cardi’s more emotional outbursts, adding another layer of complexity to their relationship. Some speculate that Offset’s calmness might be a strategy to let the scandal blow over, while others believe it’s just his way of avoiding confrontation.

Meanwhile, BIA’s involvement in this drama adds another dimension to the story. Her diss track accusing Cardi of infidelity and relying on ghostwriters has kept the rivalry hot, with fans picking sides and fueling the fire. Cardi’s direct responses to BIA’s taunts, often through Instagram Lives or cryptic tweets, show that she is not willing to back down but rather prepared to fight back tooth and nail.

This ongoing saga is a perfect storm of personal grievances, public spectacles, and legal battles. Cardi B and Offset’s relationship has become a focal point for gossip, speculation, and intense scrutiny. The intertwining scandals involving Offset’s alleged infidelities, Cardi’s public meltdowns, and the persistent attacks from Tasha K create a narrative that is both tragic and enthralling.

In the end, whether Cardi will finally call it quits with Offset or not remains to be seen. The drama surrounding their relationship is likely to continue unfolding with each new twist and turn, keeping fans and critics alike on the edge of their seats. One thing is certain: as long as there are rumors to fuel the fire, this story is far from over.

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