Cardi B Further Explains Why She Will Not Vote In The 2024 Presidential Election

On Saturday (May 18) afternoon, Cardi B doubled down on her vow not to vote in the 2024 presidential election.

Under a SpiritualWord post on Instagram, the “Bongos” emcee said, “I know you guys might think I’m irresponsible for this statement, but I truly just don’t like these candidates. Trump is trying to start a dictatorship and take the rights of women, and the other is funding a war where millions are getting [killed].

I was over it when a bomb hit a hospital and Biden [brushed] it off and lied on how it happened. I don’t want MY VOTE to be a part of whatever comes in the next four years; I just don’t want nothing to do with it. Everyone can do as they please. Local elections matter to me more.”

This development came after the lengthy statement in her Rolling Stone cover story regarding the forthcoming presidential election. Cardi B aired her grievances against Joe Biden and Donald Trump, revealing she plans to sit out the upcoming U.S. election. She stated, “I don’t f**k with both of y’all n**gas.”

She interviewed Biden during his 2020 presidential campaign. However, her support for him has waned. “I feel like people got betrayed,” she said, citing unfulfilled promises, the high cost of living and low wages.

The rapper further explained her frustration: “It’s just like, d**n, you all not caring about nobody. Then, it gets me upset that there [are] solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f**king thing.”

Cardi B withdraws support for Biden, declines to vote in the upcoming  elections

The musician later criticized U.S. foreign policy, particularly as it relates to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. “[America] don’t pay for endless wars for countries that have been going through s**t for a very long time,” Cardi said.

“There are countries [where] kids are getting killed every single day, but because the [U.S.] won’t benefit from that country, they won’t help. I don’t like that America has this superhero cape on. We never did things to be superheroes. We did things for our convenience.”

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