Cardi B Had The Most Baffling Hack For Hiding Her Pregnancy In Her Recent Full-Body Videos

So, Cardi B recently announced that she’s expecting her second child with husband Offset.

Cardi and Offset on stage at the BET Awards

js-subbuzz__attribution ">Johnny Nunez / Getty Images for BET

Now, you may have been a touch surprised by the news, as Cardi was posting content in some pretty tight outfits super recently.

Like, nothing seems different here! Standard Cardi, amirite? Woman loves a bodysuit!

Cardi B / Via

However, in a new TikTok with the ol’ “Nobody’s gonna know” audio, Cardi revealed that she was actually pretty darn pregnant during the aforementioned pics.

Yup, the optical illusions here!!!

A side profile of Cardi in the bodysuit that shows she's clearly pregnant

Cardi B / Via

TBH, I might look into a bodysuit like this — I’m not pregnant, just, you know, wouldn’t mind some of this trickery.

subbuzz__attribution--component js-subbuzz__attribution ">Cardi B / Via

That is, as long as people only looked at me head on.

Mission accomplished.

Cardi B / Via

It also looks like Cardi might have used more traditional methods to hide her pregnancy on social media — like covering her stomach with her many, many Birkin bags! Casual!

Cardi B / Via

I think the fact that I misspelled “Birkin” on my first draft of this shows you how close I am to owning just one of these.

BRB, off to scroll through Cardi’s IG like I’m a pregnancy detective…

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