Cardi B Officially FILES For Divorce And COMES For Offset AGAIN: Offset is GOING BROKE!

Cardi B Filed for Divorce From Husband Offset After He Reportedly Cheated on Her “Pretty Much the Entire Time”

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After three years of marriage and lots of ups and downs, Cardi B officially filed for divorce from her husband Offset at an Atlanta courthouse on Tuesday.

Cardi claimed in the paperwork that her marriage was “irretrievably broken” and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.” A source also revealed to People that the split is due to her husband’s continued infidelity. “Offset has pretty much cheated the entire time [they’ve been together], but Cardi looked the other way because of the baby,” the source said. “She also didn’t want to be embarrassed. But she’s had enough.” The couple shares a two-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiari, whom Cardi is seeking legal and primary physical custody over.

In the September 2020 issue of Elle, Cardi said that while her marriage definitely has “a lot of drama,” there’s also “a lot of love, there’s a lot of passion, there’s a lot of trust, there’s a big friendship. It’s always us against the world.” She echoed that sentiment in her January 2020 Vogue cover story, saying, “Everybody has issues. I believe in forgiveness. I prayed on it. Me and my husband, we prayed on it. We had priests come to us. And we just came to an understanding like, bro, it’s really us against the world.”

Cardi B Officially FILES For Divorce And COMES For Offset AGAIN | Offset is  GOING BROKE!

However, if these latest cheating rumors are true, this isn’t the first time Offset has tested that trust and Cardi’s capacity for forgiveness. In January 2018, she confirmed that her husband was involved in a sex tape cheating scandal after rumors of the video came to light in December 2017, three months after they secretly wed. Despite the infidelity, the pair decided to stay together and in April of that year, Cardi revealed she was pregnant during her debut performance on Saturday Night Live.

But by December 2018, Cardi announced she and Offset had broken up via a since-deleted Instagram video, saying that they “grew out of love” after trying to work things out. Offset then proceeded to beg for his wife’s forgiveness, writing a lengthy public apology on Instagram and interrupting her Rolling Loud performance in an attempt to woo her back. Clearly, it worked as by January 2019 the couple was back together again. The following month they made things red carpet official by walking the Grammys red carpet together.

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