Cardi B Opens Up About Her Pregnancy & Why She Kept It Hidden

Cardi B Claps Back at Body Shamers, Shares Personal Struggles on Instagram Live.

Cardi B recently took to Instagram Live to address criticism regarding her body weight and share some personal anecdotes.

The rapper, known for her candidness, didn’t hold back in her response to followers who had negative comments about her appearance.

During the live session, Cardi talked about her eating habits, joking about how she tries to avoid looking at the veins in chicken wings while she eats them.

Cardi B Is Fed Up Wit Trolls Criticizing Her Body After Performing In Las Vegas! 😢 - YouTube

She also explained why she skipped a buffet visit, citing her security guard’s unavailability as the reason she opted to order food instead.

Despite the casual banter, the underlying theme was clear: Cardi is comfortable with herself and unbothered by the negative comments.

The conversation shifted when Cardi mentioned experiencing technical issues with Instagram, leading to her temporary absence from the platform.

This break, however, didn’t shield her from the harsh comments about her body that awaited her return.

Expressing her frustration, Cardi lamented the body shaming, particularly focusing on comments about her posterior. “I’m so sad,” she said, highlighting the emotional toll such negativity can take.

Cardi B, SNL, Saturday Night Live

Cardi emphasized the importance of balancing online presence with real-life experiences. She mentioned her recent outing, which reminded her of the love and positivity that exist outside the digital world.

Determined to maintain this balance, she vowed to go out clubbing at least once a week, asserting the need to “feel the love” in person rather than relying on social media for validation.

In a lighter moment, Cardi expressed her love for butter, humorously insisting on extra butter with her buttermilk. She shared her plans for the upcoming days, including a trip to Coney Island and her efforts to keep up with her busy schedule.

Cardi also touched on a recent missed opportunity to attend Angel Reese’s game due to a series of unfortunate events, including a flat tire during a trip to Philadelphia.

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Despite the disappointment, she maintained her sense of humor and resilience, eager to make up for the lost experience.

As the live session continued, Cardi celebrated Dominican Mother’s Day, playfully demanding well-wishes from her followers. She reveled in the perks of having two Mother’s Days, hinting at expecting gifts from her significant other.

Cardi’s Instagram Live was a mix of vulnerability, humor, and authenticity. She used the platform to address body shaming head-on, share personal stories, and connect with her fans on a deeper level. Her message was clear: despite the criticism and challenges, Cardi B remains unapologetically herself, navigating the complexities of fame with grace and a touch of sass.

Watch full video below:

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