Cardi B Threatens To Sue BIA Over Diss Track: Fans React To “SUE MEEE?”

Some folks clowned Cardi B for her threat, others thought that BIA could’ve gone harder, but a lot of folks were impressed with the diss.

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Rap beef feels like a hydra in 2024: one gets cut off, and about three more emerge to take its place in the conversation.

Moreover, Cardi B and BIA officially entered the “on wax” portion of their once-rumored and now-apparent beef, as the latter launched the “SUE MEEE?” diss track against the former.

The online consensus seems quite positive, as many had praise for the Massachusetts MC’s wordplay and flows, but others were too busy clowning or defending Bardi or expressing that the cut could’ve gone harder. Either way, the “Like That”-reminiscent beat and personal shots definitely set this diss in the pantheon of this year’s feuds.

Furthermore, this all came up because of fans thinking that Cardi B started to bite BIA’s style, a sentiment that the latter seemed in full agreement with.

Of course, when it comes to influence and inspiration, not every single artist gets the proper credit that they deserve. But it’s also true that references don’t always indicate full biting, and that this is a pretty vague and up-to-interpretation debacle.

No matter which side you fall on there, fans have a lot to say on the matter that could sway you to the other side.

BIA’s “SUE MEEE?” Diss Track Against Cardi B: Listen

Then, things got particularly heated when Cardi B seemed to diss BIA on the “Wanna Be” remix, a cut originally by GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion.

The REALLY HER spitter seemed to mock Cardi in response online, and now it’s more clear than ever that she really took this as a big dig.

It’s always a tough call with subliminals, especially when the previous “evidence” of beef was just some social media speculation.

Sadly, this happens to femcees far too often, but this time around, there was a lot of truth behind it. Check out some reactions to “SUE MEEE?” down below.

Fans React To The Diss

Right now, in the aftermath of this diss track, Cardi B and BIA apparently had a “very nasty” phone call about their differences.

Cardi threatened to sue her for spreading rumors that the Bronx rapper cheated on her partner Offset, which some fans thought was a step too far in rap beef.

Only time will tell whether Bardi will respond with a track of her own. So move over, Kendrick Lamar and Drake: it’s time for the ladies to compete for a title.

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