Cardi B’s Alleged Ass@ult V!ctim Accuses Rapper Of Using ‘Celebrity Status’ To Get Her Fired Over 2018 Physical Altercation

Cardi B’s Alleged Ass@ult Victim Accuses Rapper Of Using ‘Celebrity Status’ To Get Her Fired Over 2018 Physical Altercation

Rap star Cardi B responded in court to an ongoing ass@ult and battery lawsuit filed against her.

Reports state that the musician argued that her actions from the 2018 incident were carried out in self-defense and that the plaintiff “provoked” the situation.

Cardi B

According to a recent report from RadarOnline, Cardi B’s response comes after the plaintiff, a former security guard named Emani Ellis, amended the original suit she filed against the rapper in 2020. In the latest court motion, Ellis further detailed the aftermath of her alleged physical altercation with the celebrity, claiming that she had to get cosmetic surgery due to her injuries.

Ellis reportedly wrote that the Grammy winner, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, 31, used her “long fingernails” in the fight, causing her to “sustain facial injuries” that required plastic surgery. She reportedly added:

“[Cardi] was the aggressor and attacked [Ellis] while she was employed as a security guard. Defendant was not injured in this incident.”

Cardi B


“Defendant’s intention was to cause injuries to Plaintiff so she could not return to work. Defendant even used her celebrity status to get Plaintiff fired from her post as a security guard. Defendant by threats, coercion, intimidation, physical force including ass@ult & battery, prevented Plaintiff from returning to work as a security guard, which was something she had a right to do under the law.”

As we covered at the time, Ellis claimed in her initial suit that she was working security at a building in Beverly Hills when she spotted Cardi leaving a doctor’s office. Subsequently, Ellis claimed she approached the “Miami” rapper but was met with aggression that escalated into a physical altercation. The plaintiff alleged that afterward, Cardi used her celebrity status to get her fired. She’s suing for an unspecified amount in damages for alleged injuries, mental anguish, and anxiety she sustained as a result of the situation.

Cardi B

Cardi vehemently denied the allegations at the time, reversely accusing Ellis of taking unwarranted videos of her leaving the medical center. The rapper was pregnant then with her first child, daughter Kulture, 5, and had not shared the news publicly.

Cardi B, Kulture

She claimed that Ellis was fired by her physician for violating her privacy. Additionally, Cardi denied using racial slurs during the confrontation and stated that Ellis‘ claims that staffers had to break up the alleged fight were false. A court date has reportedly been set for May 31st.

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