Doja Cat Tells Ice Spice the Biggest Misconception About Her Is That She ‘Copies’ Other Artists

Doja has haters who think she’s “flat-out unoriginal.”

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While in conversation with Ice Spice for Instagram’s “Close Friends Only” special podcast, Doja Cat got real about the criticism she’s received for her music.

“What’s the biggest misconception about you?” Ice asked her, with Doja laughing and jokingly responding, “I’ma throw these cards.”

“One is that I’m unoriginal,” the Grammy Award-winner added, to Ice’s surprise. “I never hear that,” Ice said.

“There’s a lot of people who think I, like, copy people. I pull a lot from—copy the greats,” Doja continued. “Then there’s some people who are like, ‘She’s flat-out unoriginal.’ That’s impossible!”

One artist that Doja’s been likened to over the years is Nicki Minaj, which she’s clarified as one of her inspirations, especially on her single “Attention” from her latest album Scarlet.

“Just let me flex, bruh, just let me pop shit?/’Why she think she Nicki M? She think she hot shit’/I never gave a F, go stir the pot, bitch/I got your head all in the dirt just like a ostrich,” Doja raps in the second verse.

Doja Cat And Ice Spice Discuss Career Misconceptions, Celebrity Crushes,  And More

On “Balut,” also from Scarlet, Doja raps, “Copy the greats, that’s my number one strategy / But beware that you can’t copy stats.”

Doja and Minaj collaborated on the 2020 “Say So (Remix),” which went No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, defeating Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s “Savage (Remix)”

With Ice Spice as supporting act, Doja will continue The Scarlet Tour until its final show in Chicago on Dec. 13.

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