Fans Debate Whether Lyrics From Nicki Minaj’s New Song “Fallin 4 U” Diss Latto

Although the line clearly is a a play on the word “locs,” referring to the hairstyle.

Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj dropped her highly anticipated fifth studio album “Pink Friday 2” today (Dec. 8), on her birthday.

Upon it’s release, listeners immediately began digesting the LP, posting quotable lyrics, and also pointing out who Minaj may have been sending shots to.

On the track “Fallin 4 U,” Minaj boasts about her status in Hip-Hop and her influential long-standing career. One line in particular had listeners questioning if she mentioned Latto‘s name, or was saying the word “loc’d,” which would be a play on a hairstyle.

The line in question goes, “Picture not listenin’ when I said that you would dread that, I mean locs h*e, you’s a chop h*e.” Some pointed out that the phrase “locs h*e” sounded like she said, “Latto.”

Although critics could be trying to stir up beef again between the two rappers, others listened to the track over and over and didn’t understand why some thought she was mentioning the “Big Energy” rapper.

“SHE JUST DISSED LATTO AND SAID HER NAME….disrespectful Nicki ain’t holding sh*t back omg!” wrote someone on X, as another said, “She didn’t she said ‘loc’d h*e’ it was a dread bar before this.”

The idea of her speaking on Latto wouldn’t be too farfetched, as the two had their own share of online drama last year about the 2023 GRAMMY nominations.

Minaj and Latto had a major blow out last October on Twitter after Minaj called out the Recording Academy for considering her hit Rick James-sampled single “Super Freaky Girl” as pop instead of rap. However, Latto’s “Fantasy”-sampled track, “Big Energy,” was allegedly considered eligible for an unspecified Rap category.

The two went back and forth over the topic, leading Minaj to call Latto a “scratch off” and “Karen,” and the 777 rhymer dubbing Minaj as an “old freaky grandma” and a “bully.” Minaj also exposed messages from Latto asking her for a feature, as the Atlanta star also shared recorded phone conversations between them.

Latto discussed having beef with female rappers during an XXL interview in November of this year.

“I think it really don’t be a problem until we let fans, Stans, whatever you want to call them, like the outsiders once they get in the mix,” she said.

“I think that’s what stirs the pot, because it’s like, we will all be fans of each other and commenting and following each other, whatever, but then once they get to comparing, they will turn us against each other, which is very weak-minded of us as female rappers.”

Upon Pink Friday 2‘s debut, the project quickly began trending as No. 1 on social media, as well as the hashtag “Gag City.”

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