‘Girl Yo Feet Dirty’: Latto Leaves Fans Unamused as She Takes on the ‘Cry Baby’ Dance

Some of today’s female celebrities are still going head to head to see who can be crowned for doing the best “Cry Baby” twerk. Stepping up to the plate next was Atlanta-bred rapper Mulatto. On Tuesday, Dec. 22, she posted a video on Twitter of her squatting low in attempts to do the dance.

And while many people cheered Mulatto on for her booty-bouncing skills, others could not help but notice something was off with another one of her body parts.

One fan said, “Girl yo feet dirty. Delete this and try again.”

Someone else noticed the same issue and commented, “It’s the bottom of the feet for me, but go off.”

The “He Say She Say” rapper was not feeling the backlash she was getting from fans about her feet, so she decided to respond the next day.

She tweeted, “Y’all talm bout my feet dirty b—h I’m drunk running around a mansion in Puerto Rico for my birthday.”

But that was not the only thing that made people unimpressed with the 14-second video of the 22-year-old shaking her clappers. In the video, Mulatto can be seen holding onto a bench for balance as she is trying the new rocking move, and fans were apparently unhappy about it.

One said, “she holding on to the bench, disqualified,” and another added, “She holding table flag on the play.”

Other fans decided that Megan Thee Stallion, the person who started the challenge, should be crowned as the best to do the “Cry Baby” since she did not hold onto anything but her ankles when she did it.

“& im holding onto the table cause nothing about that video was planned the song was just playing & I was dancing.. matter fact it was originally on my close friends,” Mulatto said in her defense.

But Megan showed support to Mulatto on Twitter by retweeting her video and quoting it with “😛😛😛”

Since Megan first introduced the dance that she learned from a “New Orleans fren” and showed it to her fans on social media, other celebrities have tried taking on the challenge.

Reginae Carter and City Girls rapper Yung Miami have uploaded videos of themselves doing it, and the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper posted videos of her fans trying it.

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