Ice Spice Dissing Nicki Minaj She’s ‘Ungrateful & Delusional’ Baby Storme Exposes Ice Spice

Ice Spice’s former friend, Baby Storme, just took to X, formerly known as twitter to share alleged text messages between herself and Ice Spice slamming Nicki Minaj.

Maybe you were not ready for this, but the cat is already outside the basket and there’s a lot of information that Storme has leaked.

This article delves into the escalating tensions between two prominent figures in the rap world, Baby Storm and Ice Spice, with revelations that have sent shockwaves through the industry.

Baby Storm, once a close friend of Ice Spice, has taken to social media to expose alleged misconduct and betrayal, sparking a fiery feud that has captivated fans and observers alike.

Baby Storme Exposes Ice Spice Dissing Nicki Minaj She's 'Ungrateful &  Delusional' - YouTube

In a series of explosive posts on Twitter, Baby Storm shared alleged text messages between herself and Ice Spice, accusing the latter of various transgressions, including colorism, sabotage of Storm’s music career, infidelity, and manipulation.

These allegations paint a damning picture of Ice Spice’s character and behavior, casting doubt on her integrity and ethics.

The revelations have not only exposed the rift between Baby Storm and Ice Spice but have also implicated Nicki Minaj, another prominent figure in the rap scene.

Ice Spice allegedly disparaged Minaj in private messages, calling her “ungrateful and delusional,” further complicating the tangled web of relationships and rivalries in the industry.


While Ice Spice has yet to respond publicly to the allegations, the fallout from Baby Storm’s revelations has been swift and far-reaching. Fans and commentators have weighed in on social media, with opinions divided on the credibility of the accusations and the motivations behind them.

The article also provides context on the background and careers of both Baby Storm and Ice Spice, highlighting their rise to prominence and their respective contributions to the rap genre.

It discusses Ice Spice’s collaborations with Nicki Minaj and her recent success in the music industry, juxtaposed with Baby Storm’s emergence as a rising star on platforms like TikTok.

Ultimately, the article leaves readers with more questions than answers, as the feud between Baby Storm and Ice Spice continues to unfold. With tensions running high and reputations on the line, all eyes are on the rap world to see how this drama will ultimately be resolved.

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