Ice Spice’s Ex Bestie Baby Storme Posts Screenshots Of Text Messages w/ Ice Spice Blasting Nicki Minaj: ‘Ungrateful & Delusional’

Ice Spice’s Ex Bestie Baby Storme Posts Screenshots Of Text Messages w/ Ice Spice Blasting Nicki Minaj: ‘Ungrateful & Delusional’

Update (May 3, 2024): Ice Spice’s former bestie Baby Storme isn’t letting up.

After the alternative pop artist previously aired out Ice Spice with claims that she is jealous of Latto, Baby Storme followed up with text messages that she said shows Ice Spice blasting Nicki Minaj. 

She wrote via X (formerly Twitter) on Friday (May 3),

“Good morning Barbz. As promised, this is how Isis really feels about your evil queen

. “Ungrateful & Delusional.” Just like y’all. Enjoy! ?”

She then posted text messages from someone who’s named in her phone as “Isis 2nd phone,” presumably Ice Spice, as the rapper’s real name is Isis Naija Gaston. In the message, Baby Storme appears to ask how a call went, and Ice Spice wrote that it was “open ended again,” adding that she had talked to Nicki’s former manager of 11 years who said Nicki (allegedly Nicki Minaj) was,

“being unfair asking for too much… which is what everyone’s been telling me but its hard to negotiate with her bc she doesn’t let ppl talk…”

Baby Storme then said hopefully they’ll be able to work something out, and Isis mentioned that they were preparing to release another song with Nicki Minaj for the Barbie movie soundtrack, adding “which is an opportunity i brought her.”

She said that Barbie asked for her to do the song by herself, however, she invited Nicki Minaj to collaborate “since that’s her brand,” adding,

“I invited her on & she doesn’t even see that as me bringing her something…she kinda like my mom…ungrateful & delusional. i cut her off btw not speaking to her till january.”

Baby Storme went on to share footage of her scrolling through her texts of Ice Spice slamming Nicki Minaj further.

Original Story (April 28, 2024): Rap star Ice Spice was recently blasted online by a singer who claims they use used to be besties.

The musician, an alternative pop artist named Baby Storme, claims the rapper has been jealous of her rap rival Latto and says Ice Spice lied about her life to appeal more to Black audiences.

Baby Storme

Baby Storme ranted against Ice Spice, real name Isis Naija Gaston, 24, in a series of messages posted to X (formerly Twitter). After stating she was about to air out her “ex best friend”, Baby Storme accused the “Munch” artist of pretending to be good friends with rapper Cleotrapa to appeal to Black audiences, claiming that she actually didn’t like her in reality. She wrote:

“this is Cleo. the girl she chose to be her ‘best friend to the public.’ when in reality, it was me behind the scenes. Cleo & her are not really best friends. Isis has always hated Cleo. But she used her so she could appear “closer to blackness.” she also lied about being Nigerian. she stole that from me.”

After one commenter asked about previous rumors that Ice Spice disparaged dark skin Black women, Baby Storme alleged that the celeb is “colorist” and shared a text exchange where they appeared to be discussing rapper Doechii and her 2023 single “Booty Drop”.  In one of the messages, Ice Spice allegedly wrote:

“but then she’ll be like im darkskin so i always have to work harder than everyone”

Adding in another:

“but lets not act like she not one of the chosen dark skins bc she does benefit from pretty privilege still & for bring skinny”

Baby Storme also went on to share some of her history with Ice Spice. After someone inquired about their relationship, she claims that the two have known each other since 13 and went to grade school and high school together. She wrote:

“…i thought she was a real friend. i’ve known her since we were 13. we went to the same grade school & high school. Sacred heart in Yonkers, NY. we met in 8th grade. she was my highschool bully. i forgave her after highschool cause she apologized for bullying me. she only tried to rekindle with me when i started doing music & got some motion. she used my connections & resources to make her way to the top & pretended to be my friend. she forced everyone in her life to sign an NDA, including me. but the only person i’m signed to is God. So i will speak the truth”

Elsewhere in her rant, Baby Storme also accused Ice Spice of being jealous of her rap rival Latto’s organic success, and says she only “used” rap icon Nicki Minaj for notoriety. She wrote in the post about Nicki Minaj:

“by the way guys, don’t worry about the “hate” i’m getting because the only people hating me are the barbz, who i don’t give a flying f**k about. Nicki Minaj is also evil. and the barbz hating don’t even know that Isis only used her for a feature. That’s why she attacked Latto too. Latto has always been her biggest nightmare & competition. she was jealous of her for years because Latto is who Isis was pretending to be. She purposely used Nicki so she could get a feature & surpass Latto. & She used Nicki & the barbz to do so. but keep defending her barbz!”

Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj

Adding about Latto:

“Latto rose to fame because of her talent & talent only. Isis rose to fame because she sold her soul. She knew she would never have a fraction of the amount of talent Latto has, so she attacked her on purpose to get a Nicki feature so the barbz would turn on Latto. it hurt her career because Latto is a rapper & they have the same fanbase. but i’m not a rapper so the barbz can’t touch my career! ;)”

Baby Storme also claims Ice Spice previously cheated on her boyfriend/producer Riot, who the singer says is really the “mastermind” behind the rapper’s career. She wrote:

“EJ, ‘Riot’ is her producer and boyfriend since 2019. he was the real mastermind behind her career & the one who pushed her to rap. she cheated on him with Tjay & then rapped about it on their song together. if you don’t believe me, just go back & read the lyrics to ‘Gansta boo.’ but this time, read carefully. they were talking about him. she knows no loyalty. not even to the only person who has always been there for her. Riot.”

Continuing, Baby Storme went on to double down on her critical stance of Nicki Minaj and also took aim at pop stars Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Lis Nas X. It does not appear that Ice Spice has reacted publicly to Baby Storme’s claims at this time.

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