Janet Jackson SHAMES Oprah For Trying To K!ll Michael Jackson’s Career & Demands Apology

Janet Jackson Accuses Oprah Winfrey of Betraying Michael Jackson’s Trust

In a shocking revelation, Janet Jackson has publicly accused Oprah Winfrey of deceiving her late brother, Michael Jackson, into participating in a widely watched 1993 National Television interview where he discussed allegations of child abuse.

Janet’s accusations shed light on her longstanding suspicions about Oprah’s motives and the challenges Michael faced in his career.

During a recent podcast conversation with journalist Lisa Robinson, Janet expressed her disappointment and surprise, claiming that Oprah had promised Michael a positive and sympathetic portrayal but instead used the interview to damage his reputation and boost her own ratings.

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Janet believes that Oprah has a history of exploiting celebrities for personal gain and sensationalizing their stories, driven by jealousy towards Michael’s success and popularity.

Janet’s accusations come amidst growing controversy surrounding Oprah’s involvement in the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” which features two men accusing Michael of child abuse.

Janet condemned Oprah’s actions, stating that they disrespected Michael’s legacy and exploited black men. She confronted Oprah directly, demanding an apology for what she perceived as betrayal, but was met with defensiveness and dismissal.

Janet Jackson SHAMES Oprah For Trying To K!ll Michael Jackson's Career & Demands Apology - YouTube

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Motivated by a desire for justice and vindication for Michael, Janet decided to share her story with the public. She described Michael as a kind and generous person who loved children and never harmed anyone, arguing that he was a victim of false accusations and media bias that caused him significant suffering.

Janet expressed hope that people would see the truth about Michael and appreciate his music and humanitarian work despite the controversies surrounding him.

Reflecting on her relationship with Michael, Janet revealed the complexities they faced, particularly in their later years. Despite being extremely close, their relationship shifted over time, exacerbated by Michael’s legal troubles and the pressures associated with their family name.

Janet recounted attempts by the family to intervene and help Michael overcome his struggles with addiction, but their efforts were met with resistance.

Since Michael’s passing in 2009, Janet has consistently honored and paid tribute to her brother, expressing her love and admiration for him publicly. However, her recent accusations against Oprah underscore the lingering pain and unresolved issues surrounding Michael’s legacy.

Janet’s brave decision to speak out serves as a reminder of the complexities of fame, family, and betrayal in the world of entertainment.

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