Kylie Jenner sparks concern with ‘too skinny’ figure as star flaunts her tiny frame in leotard for Sam Edelman ad.

KYLIE Jenner has sparked concern from fans as they think she looks too skinny in her latest social media post.

The 26-year-old Kardashian star posed for a series of photos for a Sam Edelman advertisement, which she shared via Instagram.

Kylie Jenner sparked concern from fans after they thought she looked too skinny in her latest social media postCredit: SAM EDELMAN

The Kardashian star appears to have lost weight in recent monthsCredit: SAM EDELMAN

Kylie donned underwear for the campaign.

In the first post, Kylie lay back on her hands and crossed her slender legs.

She wore a black bra and a pair of sheer black tights.

Kylie faced the camera side-on and exposed her slim side profile and her visible ribs.

She donned a pair of black high heels and tilted her head back.

Other photos included Kylie wearing a low-cut one-piece.

Kylie simply tagged Sam Edelman for her caption.

Fans flooded the comments with concern for the model and her slimmer-than-ever looks.

“Looking like every other emaciated girl now. At least she stood out when she had curves,” wrote a follower.”Did she lose weight or does she have some sorta illness?” added another.

“She is jumping onto the skinny trend now. It’s not cool to be thick anymore,” replied a third.

“Too skinny,” simply said a fourth.

Several other commenters accused Kylie of using the diabetes weight-loss drug Ozempic.

“Ozempic is on point,” noted a follower.

“Ozempic queen,” wrote another.


This was not the first time Kylie received criticism of her body, with fans recently accusing her of reversing her supposed Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure.

During a nearly three-minute social media video, Kylie displayed her flat tummy as she donned a skintight white tank top.

In the TikTok, she stretched out her long, bare arms to the camera.

“Get ready with me!” she cheered.

She then switched to an all-black ensemble, including faux leather leggings and matching knee-high boots.

“Obsessed! Cute!” she gushed.

After seeing the video, fans flooded Reddit with thoughts that the star had reversed her rumored plastic surgery.

“[Kylie] She looks much skinnier in her recent TikToks, and her hips aren’t even half the size they used to be!” one critic noted in response to a user sharing Kylie’s video.

“Am I tripping? Or does it seem like [Kylie] removed her butt implants and took out fat?!” another critic wondered.

“[Kylie] looks tiny. How is her waist is even smaller than it was before?!” a third critic asked.

“You’re supposed to maintain the weight for the rest of your life after a BBL. That’s why she’s looking all wonky nowadays,” a fourth person wrote.

Kylie fans accused the star of reversing a supposed plastic surgery.

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