Latto isn’t sweating the viral story that she “stole” from strippers at famed Atlanta strip club Magic City – and instead she’s just making it rain some more!

The initial story circulated on Friday (September 29), with a now-former employee of Magic City making a TikTok about how the rapper threw her ones on the dancers while there and then took the money back. According to the TikToker, she did so because her wallet was stolen while there.

Latto Makes It Rain After Being Accused Of Stealing From Magic City Strippers

The TikToker was still shaming Latto, however, saying, “You have a section full of n-ggas and you want to punish the dancers?”

Apparently the woman was fired from Magic City shortly after the video went viral.

Latto wasn’t worried about the naysayer, however, jumping on Instagram Live on Saturday (September 30) to keep the party going with strippers in her studio. Along with her girls, she threw stacks of cash at the camera. Watch the clip below.

The drama arrives amid another conflict fans tried to create between Latto and Waka Flocka Flame – but the latter shut it down real quick.

Waka responded to a fan on Twitter who called on him to sue Latto since she used the hook from his 2010 hit “Grove St. Party” for her latest single “ISSA PARTY” with Baby Drill.

Latto Makes It Rain In The Studio Amid Magic City Stripper Beef [Video] |

“It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party, ayy/I got shots for all the opps, it’s a holiday/It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party,” she raps on the chorus.

“Flattery at this highest…. never understood why rob these youngsters for showing us respect plus Lotto from Clayton County,” he wrote on Saturday (September 30).

It’s also to be noted that the song is an actual interpolation of “Grove Street Party” – which means Latto had to clear that ahead of time and Waka’s likely getting a percentage of the song.

Either way, fans agreed with Waka when it came to letting the next generation be influenced by those who paved the way before them.

“Gots to let the yute pay homage. Waka always been a real one,” a fan replied.

Another said, “They forgot Hip-Hop was built on respect. Sampling & borrowing is in the bloodline of hip-hop. ‘No idea’s original. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you do but how it’s done.’ – Nas.”

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