Latto has had it with people throwing objects on stage and threatened violence against a fan who tossed something at her during a recent show.

The Georgia rapper was performing her new hit single “Put It On Da Floor Again (Continued)” with Cardi B at Rolling Loud Germany over the weekend, and made sure not to mess up the vibes as she reminded a fan to stop throwing items at her on stage.

Latto Threatens To Beat Fan’s Ass After They Throw Object At Her During Show

“You’ll get your ass beat,” Latto rapped as she danced to her own song. “Throw it again. Throw it again. I’ll beat your ass. Throw it again.”

Check out the clip of Latto at Rolling Loud Germany below:

Latto isn’t the first artist to be pelted with objects on stage in recent months. Drake had to duck for cover during a recent stop on his It’s All A Blur Tour after he was attacked by flying bras, shoes and hats thrown on stage by fans.

Drizzy took a moment to pause his Detroit show and begged the crowd to behave. “Oh shit!” he said. “This not what we wanna see, a big-ass shoe. This what I need you to do, Detroit, this what I need to you do, please, for me. I’m so grateful to be back in this building with you after all this time that we had to sit in the crib, right?

“Please stop throwing bras up here, I can’t — I feel like I’m on clean-up duty tonight… titty clean-up duty. This is crazy.”

Latto Threatens to Beat Fan's Ass After Object Gets Thrown Onstage

A$AP Rocky was also slammed by a flying cell phone during a show in Latvia back in 2022, but instead of condemning the assailant, he invited them on stage and showed them love.

“You almost hit me with that phone and caught my face. You gotta be careful, baby,” Rocky is seen saying to the fan in the clip with his hand on his shoulder. “I love you too. So you ready to go crazy?…look no more throwing phones man.”

Then there was J. Cole, who similarly to A$AP Rocky was struck in the face with a cell phone during a performance in San Diego in 2014. The North Carolina-bred rapper was in the midst of his 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour, but unlike Rocky, Cole decided to just pocket the cell phone instead. It’s unclear if the fan ever got it back.

The strangest item to be thrown on stage occurred during a Lil Uzi Vert show back in 2018. The Philadelphia rapper got nailed by a projectile bible during a show on their Endless Summer Tour at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, which in turn interrupted the performance of their hit single “XO Tour Llif3.”

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