Latto THREATENS To SUE Ice Spice After DISSING Her ?!

The Rap Feud Escalates: Lotto vs. Ice Spice

The world of hip-hop is no stranger to drama, and the feud between Lotto and Ice Spice is proof of that. What started as a simple disagreement has now escalated into a full-blown rap battle, captivating fans and sparking speculation across social media platforms.

The tension between Lotto and Ice Spice reached new heights when Ice Spice seemingly took a jab at Lotto by pretending not to recognize her hit song, “Bikini Bottom.”

This move caught the attention of fans, especially considering Lotto had previously shown support for Ice Spice on social media. It was a subtle yet significant moment that hinted at deeper tensions simmering beneath the surface.

Rumors of copycat accusations and stylistic similarities between the two artists only added fuel to the fire, intensifying the animosity between them.

Latto Appears to Diss Ice Spice On 'Sunday Service' Single

Despite a brief lull in the drama, things reignited when fans spotted Ice Spice making a cameo appearance in one of Lotto’s TikTok videos.

This unexpected sighting reignited the feud, stirring up renewed interest and speculation among their followers.

In response to what she perceived as a slight, Ice Spice wasted no time in firing back. She released a diss track titled “Thank You, the ISU, Not Even the Fart,” explicitly aimed at Lotto.

Through her music, Ice Spice made it clear that she felt Lotto had crossed a line with her TikTok video, prompting this musical retaliation.

Latto CONFRONTS Ice Spice For Humiliating Her In New Song - YouTube

However, Lotto isn’t backing down from Ice Spice, not even a bit. In a bold move, she announced new music and dropped a teaser for the music video, featuring headshots of various female rappers, including Ice Spice. But here’s the kicker – Lotto plans to shoot the music video in Ice Spice’s own neighborhood in the Bronx.

This move takes the pettiness to a whole new level, with Lotto essentially bringing the ultimate diss track straight to Ice Spice’s doorstep.

Fans are buzzing with anticipation for Lotto’s new song, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this rap saga.

Some fans have already declared Lotto as their new favorite female rapper, while others are bracing themselves for more messy rap drama.

As the feud between Lotto and Ice Spice continues to unfold, the question remains: whose side are you on? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more updates in this ongoing saga.

Watch full video below:

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