Megan Thee Stallion released a hot freestyle video with some powerful twerks, and the audience couldn’t help but be stunned once again

Whatever the opposite of a “secret hottie” is — I’m that.

Hotties and “secret hotties” — what’s good?

Megan Thee Stallion just dropped her latest freestyle video, “Tuned In,” and when I tell y’all it doesn’t miss…

At this point, I’m entirely convinced Megan could make a rap about a cockroach sound amazing.

Megan walking in a rodeo arena in a bedazzled bodysuit, chaps, a matching hat and gloves, and a cowboy hat

Apple Music / Via

And not even just the rap, look at the FIT.

Megan is dancing in a neon crop top, matching booty shorts, sunglasses and diamond jewelry

Megan Thee Stallion / Via

Green has never looked better.

Honestly, the whole video is a mood.

Megan Thee Stallion / Via

But what I’m really here to talk about is this Pokémon reference: “I got these [redacted] blushin’, lookin’ like they Pikachu, I’m the hot girl, feelin’ like Charizard, and he know he finna win if he get my card.”

Megan Thee Stallion / Via

Megan always finds a way to throw in a little anime reference, and I’m here for it.


“Tuned In” is one in a series of freestyle rap videos the H-town hottie occasionally releases to give fans a little taste into the authenticity of her natural flow. There was “Southside Forever” back in February…

This one is super powerful and references the deaths of her mother and grandma — personally, one of my favorites.

Then, “Outta Town Freestyle” in early August…

This is similar to “Tuned In” in that she raps about confidence and the rise of her career.

And with “Tuned In,” it certainly seems like Megan had some ~items~ to address…like her haters.

Megan Thee Stallion / Via

The title itself, “Tuned In,” is a direct address to everyone who is literally “tuned in” to over-analyzing her life.

So stop worrying about Megan, and let her live her hot girl fantasy!

And let’s all hope she decides to release these on an album one day!

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