Miranda Kerr opens up about her true feelings regarding Orlando Bloom’s marriage to Katy Perry and reveals Katy’s true personality

Miranda Kerr feels happy because Orlando Bloom met Katy Perry

Former model Miranda Kerr shared in a recent interview that she feels happy because her ex-husband – actor Orlando Bloom, met his current fiancee – singer Katy Perry.

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Actor Orlando Bloom and singer Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom got married in 2010, divorced in 2013, and they have one child together: 9-year-old boy Flynn.

Miranda Kerr affirmed that: “For baby Flynn’s development, the fact that he has both father and mother who are living happily is the most important thing.”

Miranda Kerr is currently married to technology entrepreneur Evan Spiegel. The couple had two sons. Recently, Bloom and Perry also welcomed a baby girl into the world after many years of separation.

Katy Perry says she is 'grateful' for fiancé's ex-wife Miranda Kerr

In an interview with actress Drew Barrymore conducted for the talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show”, Kerr shared that she was very happy when her ex-husband found a new partner: “I admire Katy and feel very happy because Orlando has found someone who makes his heart feel joyful and happy.

“The most important thing to me is that baby Flynn has a happy father, a happy mother. We’re really always thinking about what would be best for Flynn.”

Former model Miranda Kerr and businessman Evan Spiegel

Inside Katy Perry's Friendship With Orlando Bloom's Ex Miranda Kerr | Us  Weekly

Kerr and Bloom started dating in 2007 and got engaged in 2010. One month after their engagement, they got married. Baby Flynn was born a year later. The two divorced in 2013.

Later, Kerr started dating technology businessman Evan Spiegel in 2015. She married Spiegel in 2017. Kerr welcomed two young sons into the world with Spiegel in 2018 and 2019. Meanwhile, Bloom entered an on-again, off-again relationship with Katy Perry starting in 2016. After breaking up in 2017, they got back together in 2018 and got engaged in 2019.

“I’m so grateful that Orlando and Katy found each other, I’m also grateful that I found my wonderful husband now, and I’m grateful that we all truly respect each other. When it comes to On special occasions, when we sit together, we share clearly and frankly so that both parties have commitments and compromises to see what is best for all,” Kerr shared.

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