Nicki Minaj Might Have Dissed Latto During ‘Queen Radio’ After Latto Said That Female Rap Is Now Thriving

One thing that has become clear over the last few years is that when Nicki Minaj hosts her infamous Queen Radio show, someone will more than likely be dissed. The latest target appears to be Latto, as the “Super Freaky Girl” artist seemed to have some choice words that could be for her in the wake of her assertion that female rap is more balanced than it has ever been.

In a clip posted to Twitter on Friday (September 9), a fan screen recorded a 40-second snippet of Nicki Minaj’s recent radio show saying “A lot of other people come in one day, and the next day you’re trying to categorize yourself with people who have been f*cking working and putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this sh*t for 15 and 20 motherf*cking years.

And then that album comes out and you can clearly see you haven’t built up a loyal fanbase yet who actually likes your f*cking music. And then what they start doing is they start digging the hole deeper for themselves.”

Though the Queen artist did not say a name, many believe this was pointed at the “Big Energy” rapper. In a follow-up tweet, the same fan shared a clip of Latto’s interview with Hollywood Unlocked from March where she says “Look how many female rappers is thriving right now, versus it being Nicki and everybody else.”

Notably, her gesture when mentioning Nicki Minaj indicated she was above everyone else, and the subsequent gesture showed a more level playing field in reference to today’s female rap landscape.



While it appears Latto had no malice toward Minaj, it is not rare for the “Barbie Tingz” artist to take offense to statements that weren’t intended to be offensive. Latto has not made any comments in retort, but their fanbases have been going at it on Twitter ever since the initial clip dropped, with some referencing Nicki targeting Lil Kim in the early days of her career.

Check out the Queen Radio clip above.

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