Nikola Jokic Admits Victor Wembanyama Is Better Than Him, Recalling 8YO Humbling Battle Against Tim Duncan.

Nikola Jokic is leaning into those Tim Duncan’s parallels for once. But to praise his opponent tonight. The reigning powerhouse of the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama reminded him of one of his two matchups against the Spurs icon today. The defending champs won 110-105 against the Spurs but it was a thrilling match to the end. While the Joker rained 42 points on San Antonio, Wemby made a good pitch for Rookie of the Year with 23 points, 15 rebounds, 8 assists, and 9 blocks.

It was thrilling enough for Jokic to get nostalgic when he was asked if he thought himself as the NBA’s new big man aka Tim Duncan. “I think I’m far away from Tim Duncan. Wemby did a much better job if I’m Tim Duncan than I did against Tim Duncan.” High praise from the one who was compared to the 5x champion for the second coming of Duncan in the Spurs franchise.

But he’s referring to that one season when his career overlapped with Duncan’s before retiring. They were on two opposite ends of the career spectrum then and it would be a while before Jokic would become a dominant big man like Duncan was. A few weeks shy of 40, Duncan schooled the newbie in the post with a season-high 21 points though the Nuggets won the game in April 2016.

Rookie Jokic also impressed him with 8 points and 15 rebounds in that game, years before he won two MVPs and a championship. While he was establishing himself as the new Tim Duncan in the post-Duncan era, Wemby started emerging as one in the same franchise. But for some, the Spurs legend remains inimitable.

The Spurs icon himself responds to the comparisons

Richard Jefferson scandalized the NBA community when he smack-talked Duncan recently. He told him that if he played against The Joker today, he’d be cooked. Duncan, who has a way with words, had the most dignified response to that.

I played him after I was me and before he was him, and I did okay,” Jefferson quoted Duncan. He further added, “If you know Tim, that’s the ultimate compliment to Jokic.” We’re yet to hear his opinion about Wemby being compared to him.

This Jokic-Spurs dynamic has come a full circle. Same as Jokic impressed the legend, Wemby is giving him the same vibes. Who do you think is closer to that goal?

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