Offset allegedly paid an IG model to have an ab0rti0n, causing speculation about his relationship with Cardi B.

Cardi B’s Offset exposed for allegedly paying off pregnant IG model.

Offset reportedly paid an IG model to abort her pregnancy, causing speculation about his relationship with Cardi B.

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Former Migo Offset has allegedly been exposed for paying an Instagram model to abort her pregnancy, stirring up more drama in his tumultuous relationship with Cardi B.

Offset reportedly paid Pree to abort her pregnancy

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The latest drama in Offset and Cardi B’s toxic love affair involves allegations that Offset paid a woman known only as ‘Pree’ to terminate her pregnancy.

The news broke when another woman, currently feuding with Pree and King Von’s sister Kayla B, spilt the tea on social media.

This woman, frustrated with Kayla accusing her of informing Cardi about Pree’s pregnancy, decided to share the details herself.

In a series of Instagram Stories, she posted alleged direct messages and a receipt of money she received to keep quiet about the pregnancy.

offset pree pregnantPhoto: Internet file
According to her, Pree leaked the news about her pregnancy, leading to Offset offering hush money to prevent the information from reaching Cardi B.
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“Kayla walked up to me at the bar at CAVO and said ‘what you pose to said about my best friend Pree and off’ and I walked her down before she could finish her sentence. Overly did it!” the woman posted.

“I had to hit first cause I’m like is this a hit???? Like did buddy and Pree send Kayla because they think I’m telling Cardi everything.”

She further claimed,

“Buddy offered me 15k!! To not tell nothing! I KEPT IT SOLID,” sharing a screenshot of the alleged payment dated 6 March.
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The same day, she claimed Kayla approached her, seemingly trying to intimidate her into silence.

Offset and Cardi B’s relationship has been a rollercoaster since they started dating in 2017.

They have faced numerous ups and downs, including cheating scandals and public breakups.

In December 2023, Cardi B announced she had been “single for a minute,” but the pair reportedly spent New Year’s Eve together.

As of March, the status of their relationship remained unclear, though they continued to collaborate professionally, with Offset directing a music video for Cardi.

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