Paris Hilton’s son peed in her face when Kathy Hilton taught her how to change diaper

Paris Hilton’s mom Kathy Hilton has spoken out about the time she taught her daughter how to change a diaper when the socialite became a mother for the first time.

Paris Hilton's baby son peed in her face

Paris Hilton’s baby son peed in her face (Image: parishilton/Instagram)

Paris Hilton’s son peed in her face when the socialite’s mother Kathy Hilton taught her how to change diapers.

Paris, 42, is an heiress to the Hilton Hotel empire who is married to Carter Reum but even she isn’t immune to the struggles of motherhood. She and Carter share two children – 12-month-old Phoenix, and two-month-old London.

The socialite’s mother Kathy, 64, has now admitted she has had to help her famous daughter with the early stages of caring for a baby after she became a mother herself.

Paris Hilton is a proud mommy to two babies ( Image: Instagram/ Paris Hilton)


Kathy had to teach her daughter how to change diapers ( Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Speaking to Us Weekly, Kathy has recently revealed: “I did crack up a few months ago [when] I was teaching her some things. I forgot to put the diaper on top of the private part and [Phoenix] started peeing and it went all in her face.

“She’s like, ‘Oh, why didn’t you warn me about that?’ I’m like, ‘OK, this is what we do.’ So, she’s learning little by little by little.”

Kathy then added: “[When] I had Paris, my mother came and helped for three weeks. I felt like I was going to break her. I just happened to be younger.”

Back in December, Paris took to social media to gush over how much she was “loving” being a mother. She also addressed shade thrown her way over previously joking about not changing diapers. At the time, she penned: “On my show, #ParisInLove, I joked about changing a diaper for the first time, which, let’s be honest, was just me having a bit of fun.

“As you can see I changed his diaper the night I brought him home. But, in all seriousness, when it comes to being a mom, I’m fully involved and loving every moment of it.

“It’s interesting how a playful comment can be taken so seriously. Even though this season was the most real, authentic and raw I have ever been with my fans.”

It was back in November 2023 that Paris revealed she had welcomed a baby girl – her second child, London. The announcement came when she shared a photo of a pink baby’s outfit on Instagram with the caption “thankful for my baby girl”.

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