Rapper BIA Has Scathing Message For Haters Amid Cardi B Feud: ‘F*** That B****’


Rapper BIA Has Scathing Message For Haters Amid Cardi B Feud: ‘F*** That B****’

BIA is making her stance clear on how she feels about her haters.

The 32-year-old rapper didn’t hold back in a recent interview when addressing her approach to dealing with negativity, particularly amidst her ongoing feud with Cardi B.

In an interview with Tallie Spencer of Hot New Hip Hop following her performance at Summer Smash in Chicago, BIA addressed the criticism she’s been facing, seemingly from fellow rapper Cardi B.

BIA stated of her show,

“When I came out, I said ‘f*** that b****. That’s my message to my haters: f*** that b****.

She continued,

“Like, I really don’t dwell on my haters ’cause I feel like I’m really so positive that I’m having such a great time with my life. So I really try not to let, like, outer interferences mess up my mood because I’m so grateful to be here. We’re having fun, like, who gets to do this for fun? We just do this every day. We’re blessed, so I don’t let stuff like that bother my frequency.”


The rivalry between BIA and Cardi B has intensified, with recent exchanges further fueling tensions between the two artists.

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B, 31, recently fired shots at BIA in a remix of GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wanna Be.

On the track, Cardi B rapped,

“Thought she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B**** please, don’t nobody wanna be ya.”

Subsequently, Cardi B also accused BIA of spreading false rumors about her personal life, including allegations of cheating on her husband Offset, and even threatened legal action.

Cardi B (Instagram)

In response, BIA didn’t hold back, dropping a diss track titled SUE MEEE? where she called out Cardi B for alleged infidelity and questioned her authenticity in the industry.

BIA’s lyrics include the line,

“Put it on your gang that they ain’t f**k you in/Put in on your name since you so gangsta like yo f***ing friends/Put it on your hubby since you lying on your vows/I write all my verses, I can do this s**t for hours.”

BIA Previewing ‘SUE MEEE?’

BIA and Cardi B’s feud started earlier this year amid rumors that Cardi B was imitating BIA’s style. Tensions heightened in March following Cardi B’s Like What freestyle, which some fans interpreted as a direct shot at BIA.

Cardi B’s ‘Like What’ Music Video

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