SHOCK: Why Taylor Swift’s ‘functioning alcoholic’ lyric ‘offers hope and inspiration’ to problem drinkers.

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Sobriety coach Christy Osborne shares why Taylor Swift’s ‘Fortnight’ lyrics are a lifeline to those struggling with drinking

Taylor Swift and Post Malone’s collaboration, ‘Fortnight‘, is sitting high at the top of the charts, but as well as being an undeniable bop, the evocative lyrics, “I was a functioning alcoholic until nobody noticed my new aesthetic,” are proving to be a lifeline to listeners.

While fans of the singer believe the track to be about a fictional character rather than a biographical track about Taylor herself, the lyric struck a chord with sobriety coach Christy Osborne, who says that high-profile celebrities such as Taylor shining a spotlight on alcoholism can only be a good thing.

“The more people share, the more it helps normalise the experience for people who might be going through something similar,” she says. “When we see or hear about celebrities or role models sharing their experiences it helps send the message that anyone could be going through the experience, regardless of who you are, which helps unify us.

Why Taylor Swift's 'functioning alcoholic' lyric 'offers hope and inspiration' to problem drinkers

Christy Osborne is a sobriety coach

“It also encourages dialogues and conversations around these topics – think how one song lyric has us speaking about this topic. Fundamentally it offers hope and inspiration to those who might need help with their drinking and starts to remove the stigma attached.”

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