Terrence Howard BACKS Katt Williams And Reveals Why He Left Hollywood.

So it looks like Katt Williams gained another supporter and it’s none other than Terrence Howard who is now spilling the tea on how he got fed up with Hollywood trying to put him in a dress… According to Terrence, Hollywood is really out here trying to strip Black men of their masculinity and he’s throwing shade at the industry, claiming they accused him of being hard to work with just because he wasn’t down for playing certain kinds of roles.

At 0:31, it appears that Katt Williams has gained another supporter, none other than Terrence Howard. Howard is now revealing his frustration with Hollywood attempting to portray him in a dress, claiming that it is part of an agenda to strip black men of their masculinity. According to Howard, Hollywood accused him of being difficult to work with just because he refused certain roles.

The industry has faced criticism for allegedly pushing an agenda to make black men appear more feminine, a sentiment echoed by comedians like Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams. Terrence Howard is standing his ground, stating that he might quit acting due to Hollywood’s agenda, expressing his dissatisfaction with being blackballed.

Terrence Howard BACKS Katt Williams And Reveals Why He Left Hollywood - YouTube

The narrative continues, discussing Terrence’s past roles and the rumored difficulties he faced, including a significant pay cut offer for Iron Man 2. Howard defended himself, suggesting that he was labeled the “angry black man” for speaking out against Hollywood’s agenda.

The discussion shifts to the broader issue of Hollywood’s alleged pressure on black actors to wear dresses on screen, with references to Eddie Griffin, Dave Chappelle, and Kevin Hart’s experiences. Katt Williams even introduces a conspiracy theory, suggesting a connection between wearing dresses and involvement with the Illuminati.

Katt Williams claims to have turned down lucrative contracts multiple times to protect his integrity, stating that P Diddy wanted him to wear a dress. He also alleges that Martin Lawrence tried to put him in a dress for Big Mama’s House, a role that eventually went to Brandon T Jackson.

The conversation then touches upon recent reports suggesting that Terrence Howard walked away from Hollywood due to his refusal to conform to the dress-wearing agenda. Terrence vehemently denies being difficult to work with and emphasizes his commitment to maintaining his integrity and not conforming to Hollywood’s expectations of how a black man should be portrayed.

Terrence Howard further argues that Hollywood allows white men to be both strong and non-threatening, while black men are often demonized and forced into more effeminate roles. He expresses his refusal to compromise his authenticity to fit someone else’s narrative.

Public opinion on this matter varies, with some dismissing it as a non-issue compared to larger societal problems, while others commend Terrence Howard and Katt Williams for shedding light on what they perceive as a sinister agenda within Hollywood. The video concludes by prompting viewers to share their opinions on whether there is indeed an agenda behind Hollywood’s portrayal of black men.

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